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Life Talk!

What did you do today?

Bebe Cita

Bebe Cita

Puerto Rico

I'd like to know your routine :D

Today I stayed at home all day, I also checked my email and talked by the phone. Actually… It was a very ordinary day.

03:42 AM Nov 09 2009 |

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Today the weather was very  cold in Beijing,I originally wanted to go shopping, but I did not go because the bad weather ,today I  did nothing…whole day stayed at  dormitory.

10:27 AM Nov 09 2009 |



Today,  I woke up at 6:00, took a bath… Brushed my teeth… came to the company I work…

During the day, I will work… til 17:00… then I take another bath, and run take the bus to go to Assis ( the city here in Sao Paulo State), where I stuty… so I come home at 12:30… Then I will feel my self so tired that the only thing I will think about is my bed n a cup of hot tea… then, tomorrow it begins again….

^^ sorry for the english… :p

01:58 PM Nov 09 2009 |



at the daytime i am at work. i learn english at night .

02:34 PM Nov 09 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

sleeping sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping all the time - even in class i have nice time for sleeping

06:46 PM Nov 09 2009 |



Slept in to noon, wash my undies if you must know while listening to some tunes. Left home for work, cambe back home and here I'm comenting on Ebaby. What a fun fun day,eh?

07:06 PM Nov 09 2009 |



I downloaded Proengineer drawing program and all day I tried to draw somethin I prayed to Allah "I can find a work this days.

11:34 PM Nov 09 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Nice mark Lela! 

Today I went to university and at noon some classmates and me went out in order to eat in a restaurant. Then I came back to univ, almost got slept on a class , then went to a meeting and then came back home. Now I am checking my ebaby account XD


Guys, our days are so routinary… It will be better on Holidays, I guess ;) 

12:48 AM Nov 11 2009 |




Today is national holiday in Poland :) I could sleep so much longer than any other day! Finally :D

03:37 PM Nov 11 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Today I feel mad at me :(

04:23 AM Nov 12 2009 |

Queen B

Queen B


The wheather in Hefei is chilly,yet i still have to drag myself from bed and attend class.you know what,i just swear to myself to reduce skipping class as much as possible.even some of them are truely boring!

05:37 AM Nov 12 2009 |