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Why Chinese always find a Western name?




I wonder why Chinese ppl have 2 names and one of them are only names which they get from movies or from the internet. Why dont they find spanish, german or turkish or arabic names. I dont understand them. what do you think about this, I mean it is weird to me.

02:43 PM Nov 15 2009 |

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Yes name is important It can give clues about personality.At least for me.. When Im speaking with east asians I always prefer to use their real names..

06:12 PM Nov 15 2009 |




yeah!  i tell u why!     our character is not belong to the Latin,  we know most of European used the latin character.  but in china, the character is not made of letter! for example  my chinese name is 浩浩!   Nobody can read except chinese people if us use our native name!

so we must find a english name!  ok,do u understand it ! 

06:06 AM Nov 16 2009 |




oh!  i misunderstand ur question!  

the answer is simple!   because most of us learn english!   Only the person who learn spanish, german or turkish   just use spanish ,german or turkish name!  the number of this is very  few!    so usually  the chinese u have met was using english name!

06:16 AM Nov 16 2009 |




Well but you can write your names with pinyin.Or you can translate you names into english as I did xD Well whatever it is your choice :)

12:55 PM Nov 17 2009 |



Because they dont have good names, and then they want to have foreigner names! :))


Now for real, because they are too shy to answer this: Whats your name?

My name is kulikishua! LOL

INDEED I dont know why the hell they do this!

once i asked ''hey whats your name? '' and she answered '' my name is Samantha'' and i was like wow! since when china has this name? and she said ''oh! real name! it is shin su.. '' or something!LOL


Whats your name memo ? :D Mattew? (close to mehmet! lol )

01:44 PM Nov 17 2009 |



i think it's because chinses names are difficult to pronounce for Americans or other forigners. i once asked chinese friend who had given you that english name, and she answered she's got the name from some english teacher in china. when i was in the US studying English I got an english name, Nellie, becasue it's much easier to say for forigners, and cool to say "Hi I'm Nellie" you know. haha

but actually there is one more nickname that fits me more…Bananako

and my real name it Nanako, btw^^

04:58 AM Nov 18 2009 |




Well when I meet with a westerner Im not using this translated name "Oghuzkhan" Im using my real name Oğuzhan so Im trying to make them say my name in my language because Im calling them with their own language so I think they need to call me with my real name.. :))

07:06 PM Nov 18 2009 |



good question !!

 i think the question has been answered by hhsuif

11:43 AM Nov 19 2009 |




most chinese students must learn English at school, and most chinese name is difficult to pronounce, so it's convenient to use an english name communicate with foreigners.

The most important, I feel very strange write my chinese name in Pinyin word, but foreigners can't know complicate chinese words. It's best to use an english name. It's just A B C … whatever english, german, french, they are similar. Who can know 一二三四五?

12:07 PM Nov 19 2009 |




Well you can explain everytime when you meet with a foreigner as I do everytime.. xD Well it can be boring but its your choice what can I say.. :) But when I meet with a east asian I prefer to learn their names in their language because I think its part of the respect to the other culture.. :)

07:28 PM Nov 19 2009 |