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Have you ever thought of writing a book?




I've been thinking of writing a book of mine lately but i don't know from where to start?i want it to be a novel (in french) but i'm still hesitating.

have anyone of you had this experience before?if you have advices or anectodes please post them here, this may help me a lot and may be others..

 thanks in advance friends

09:18 AM Dec 07 2009 |

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♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Of course, yes I thought and still thinking about that..

I am a novice poet, writing poems is simple and quick thoughts, I write prose, many say I am a successful writer and I will improve this talent to be able to collect all my writings (poetry, short classic stories and thoughts) in one book and call it ... (when pencil is alive) ...


regards and respects to all

with love >>

11:39 AM Dec 07 2009 |




yes I think everyone had the ideas .but most just never do them! just keep them in heart, of course,me too! I want to write a book about my dream of future world!

FIRST i think we should stay a place far away from bad times!

and tell someone who you care him or her very much so that you will't give up your ideas easily! maybe you don't like that ,but are you sure that you will finish your works at last?

sec. just do it now !then you could send your works to the pubilc!

my words are not good as my ideas! but belive yourself ,you can do it !it's eary very much!

 never give up!

12:32 PM Dec 07 2009 |




I'm still writing a book named phoenix and it's really really a great exprience. in the beginning I had an ordinary writing style, but now I've created my uniquely and originily style. and there are many people who are around me say I'm so good at it.  I think the key words; just think and write-no matter what or how you are writing-just write. so in the end  you'll improve your writing style and you'll see that…

03:19 PM Dec 07 2009 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

shadow875 I will be happy if i can read ur book … can I ?

04:06 PM Dec 07 2009 |




I hope so. actually I would be so happy..

04:57 PM Dec 07 2009 |



I prefer drawing than writing..drawing is a universal language than English or other international language.

12:51 AM Dec 08 2009 |