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Life Talk!

do u believe in love



for me love was fake, because i had many failed experienceswith men who did not deserve my sacrifaces, but after a suche period I met a man that change all my bad ideas, he showed me love with its posiive sides, he seemed an angel for me. I really appreciate evrything he did it for me

08:55 PM Dec 24 2009 |

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Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I dont believe in love before marry.

03:03 PM Dec 25 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

one word can describe a paragraph like urs LOL, NO. 


love is a weird feeling because no one deserves to be loved.

03:13 PM Dec 25 2009 |



there is people who deserved to be loved because and who share their loves only to mae u happy.

07:20 PM Dec 27 2009 |



i can't marry someone i didnt fell in love with him before marriage 

07:21 PM Dec 27 2009 |

Crystal Eyes

Saudi Arabia

If it was a fake .. 

Then what do you called the thing that make us .. burning inside .. And cannot be handle ??

I agree with Nice Shadow … The love before marry or as it call " dating" ..Like throwing yourself in the hell of the life ( and also in the other life ) ...

And ..there's a lot of people in my life deserve my love to them  ..as i said there's a lot .. so i can't count them :p

08:31 PM Dec 27 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

there is people who deserved to be loved because and who share their loves only to mae u happy.


i think the truth hurts sometimes but that only exists in movies and series.. oh yeah, japanese anime too.. << i love anime btw.

 or maybe i lost faith in this love..xD

08:32 PM Dec 27 2009 |



Although I have never experienced love ,I almost not believe it.

11:33 AM Dec 28 2009 |




Love… Hard to say, because love is different for different people. For example, you love your mother and you love your girlfriend, but these feelings aren't the same. They are similar in one way: when you love someone (doesn't matter who) that person is the most important for you, and nothing can change your feelings :)

08:11 PM Dec 29 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S



06:50 AM Jan 10 2010 |



I think “love” is so happy sometimes,
and love is pain sometimes too.
But I like love.
I believe in love.

08:20 AM Jan 10 2010 |