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Do you care about how other people think of you?




Do you care about how other people think of you?

01:23 AM Dec 25 2009 |

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hustler99 I didn't get the point,what's the difference between ignoring what people think of you and pleasing others?

01:07 PM Dec 28 2009 |




it means that you are not paying attention with the person who wants to interact  with you and you are ignoring him/her talking to some one else

02:22 PM Dec 28 2009 |




but my point is that i do not care what people thinks of me because we should  live our life the way we want  to live it, don't let other people tell you how to live your life…

02:42 PM Dec 28 2009 |



we care just for those who honstly care about us

to care always about the others. how they look at you

what do they say about  it would be by times a kind of (madness)

believe me

we did and we suffered a lot

the perpitual wisdom teaches you(do your duty .might what come).

10:53 PM Dec 28 2009 |



I cared much about how others tink about me bofore,but now less,especialiiy when I go to college.Doing what you like to do and trying your best is the most important.You can enjoy yourself.

02:13 AM Dec 29 2009 |





it depends on the person.

If the person is someone I like and older than me I would ever listen to him.

If the person is someone who talks with  reasons I would care about what he says.

If the person is younger than me and is honest I would care about what he says


But if the person isnt reliable or if he was a liar, I wouldnt waste my time listening or caring about what he says


02:31 AM Dec 29 2009 |




I think, I care, because it's the only way to change myself to be better :)

07:57 PM Dec 29 2009 |




guess i am good enough for this worldInnocent

but this is relative…we know a peaceful family their son has refused military service ,their daughter loves an guy who is to lazy to study after high school so he went into the military for to get quick much money in Afghanistan…i told them that this guy goes only for money for some crazy politician fighting there…after saying this i lost my good image by this family…my wife asked me later why i don't tried like usual to find a common level…for me it was brainwashed nonsenses they talked to defense the guy …only to fight against the Taliban was their answer…they didn't know that the USA military support once the Taliban,and that the most terrorist who destroyed the world trade centere at the 11 september had not been from Afghanistan some terrorists from middle east and north africa lived even in Germany…i see no sense to defence Germany with burning  bombing and killing in Afghanistan.

later my wife told me i have to accept always the meaning of the others…i told her i must only listen, i must not accept …in this case our German military starts brainwashing by peaceful people who are not much interested in politics…and that i can't accept as German political thinking citizen….so i don't take care in this case what other people are thinking about me!     


02:47 PM Dec 31 2009 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it's very important for me that how my parents think about me

03:44 PM Dec 31 2009 |



ever we pretenses that we don't care about what other thought  about us, it still effect us, because part of our personality reform by the other thoughts, when you parents or peers tell  you some thing about your self you absorbs that unconsciously, especially the good thing, because it is be part of your good mental image of your self and all of us seek to get other admiration 



04:37 PM Dec 31 2009 |