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Life Talk!

really amaizing customs




HAVE u ever seen or heared a funny or amazing traditions or customs in ur life??

i heared there are people how are dancing when somebody died..

it is really amaizing…haha


02:59 PM Dec 26 2009 |

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Yes, and it happends in Taiwan, we pay money to ask some  sexy girls to dance if some old man die(grandpa…ect)!! We hope he cold be happy to past away!! Weird~huh?!

We also burn some fake mony to them(the dead ppl),we wish they could be good&reach in the other world after they die!!   

03:10 PM Dec 26 2009 |




thank u honey 4 ur comments..yeah there are peoples who were done more than that..i want only 2 share idea togethers..thanks again..

06:44 PM Dec 26 2009 |