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Boys Boys Boys

Alter ego

Alter ego

Puerto Rico


I have a question for you:

If you met a girl who is smart, polite, funny, pRetty or at least nor ugly :D,quite sensitive but hides that side, vain and lovely but who has lost her faith in Men, what would you do? Would you like her?

Thanks for your answers, I just wonder Embarassedhehe

09:22 AM Jan 04 2010 |

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I'd make my best to conquer her… I'd make the possible to make her put her faith in me…

I think there a lot of girls hurted by selfish n insensible men… I think women must be treated with love, comprehension, patience… Even when the girl isn't smart, polite, funny, pretty, etc… Every women are special.

I think when a girl, even when she lost her faith in men, when she find someone who understand her n do everything for her, its possible she start trusting in that man, that real man…



10:24 AM Jan 04 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

nah, i wouldn't do like that jean dude above me but i will try to become her friend then hopefully, she would change her mind about men, at least some of them

07:28 PM Jan 04 2010 |

Alter ego

Alter ego

Puerto Rico

AiAnge  Maybe I am Embarassed

Thank you for your answer boys!

09:20 AM Jan 06 2010 |