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How to make wine at home.

Agean's Bacchus


How to make wine at home.

Especially I am waiting recipes from the water’s across (Greece) , Mediterranea’s (Italy , France ,Spain)  South America’s ( Chile ,Argentina , Brasil) Moldavia’s , Bulgaria’s , Georgia’s , Down under's (New Zealand , Australia) Usa’s (California)  people.

If the recipe must be details all people can benefit from your recipes. 

10:59 AM Jan 07 2010 |

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United Kingdom

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By the way, Muslims don't like wine at all. They hate it because it's not good. That's forbiden in Islam. Even the prophet Mohammed prevent muslims.


Yeah Thats why Muslims don't like it. 

03:25 PM Jan 07 2010 |



United Kingdom



03:26 PM Jan 07 2010 |

Agean's Bacchus


Thanks for your advice.I was waiting only a wine recipes from other people.

You can be sure when ı need religious  advice ; I will consult you 

Don't fear of wine.You taste it. You will like it

If you know drinking wine ; it is healing

If you don't drinking wine;it is trouble.

You must read Omar Khayyam(Iranian Poets)

You will like him and wine

a quatrain from Khayyam 

Happily I walked with the tavern down the line
Passed an old drunk, holding a bottle of wine
"Do you not fear God?" was reproach of mine
said, "Mercy is God’s sign, in silence I wine and dine."

 Lets look up to wikipedia 

J curve association between wine consumption and the risk of heart disease. This means that heavy drinkers have an elevated risk, while moderate drinkers (at most two five-ounce servings of wine per day) have a lower risk than non-drinkers. Studies have also found that moderate consumption of other alcoholic beverages may be cardioprotective, although the association is considerably stronger for wine. Also, some studies have found increased health benefits for red wine over white wine, though other studies have found no difference. Red wine contains more polyphenols than white wine, and these are thought to be particularly protective against cardiovascular disease.[53]

A chemical in red wine called resveratrol has been shown to have both cardioprotective and chemoprotective effects in animal studies.[55] Low doses of resveratrol in the diet of middle-aged mice has a widespread influence on the genetic levers of aging and may confer special protection on the heart. Specifically, low doses of resveratrol mimic the effects of what is known as caloric restriction – diets with 20-30 percent fewer calories than a typical diet.[56] Resveratrol is produced naturally by grape skins in response to fungal infection, including exposure to yeast during fermentation. As white wine has minimal contact with grape skins during this process, it generally contains lower levels of the chemical.[57] Other beneficial compounds in wine include other polyphenols, antioxidants, and flavonoids.[58]

Red wines from the south of France and from Sardinia in Italy have been found to have the highest levels of procyanidins, which are compounds in grape seeds suspected to be responsible for red wine's heart benefits. Red wines from these areas have between two and four times as much procyanidins as other red wines. Procyanidins suppress the synthesis of a peptide called endothelin-1 that constricts blood vessels.[59]

A 2007 study found that both red and white wines are effective anti-bacterial agents against strains of Streptococcus.[60] Also, a report in the October 2008 issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, posits that moderate consumption of red wine may decrease the risk of lung cancer in men.[61]

While evidence from laboratory and epidemiological (observational) studies suggest a cardioprotective effect, no controlled studies have been completed on the effect of alcoholic drinks on the risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholism;[62] the American Heart Association cautions people to "consult your doctor on the benefits and risks of consuming alcohol in moderation."[63]

Wine's effect on the brain is also under study. One study concluded that wine made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape reduces the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.[64][65] Another study concluded that among alcoholics, wine damages the hippocampus to a greater degree than other alcoholic beverages.[66]

Sulphites are present in all wines and are formed as a natural product of the fermentation process, and many wine producers add sulfur dioxide in order to help preserve wine. Sulfur dioxide is also added to foods such as dried apricots and orange juice. The level of added sulfites varies, and some wines have been marketed with low sulfite content.[67] Sulphites in wine can cause some people, particularly those with asthma, to have adverse reactions.

Professor Valerie Beral from the University of Oxford and lead author of the The Million Women Study asserts that the positive health effects of red wine are "an absolute myth." Professor Roger Corder, author of The Red Wine Diet, counters that two small glasses of a very tannic, procyanadin rich wine would confer a benefit, although "most supermarket wines are low procyanadin and high alcohol."[68]

Best Regards


09:09 PM Jan 07 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

wine isn't good, i'd rather to have orange juice than wine…

12:03 AM Jan 08 2010 |



I don't enjoy wine, so I don't know anything about making it at home. Sorry


what kind of wine do you like the best? 

03:49 PM Jan 08 2010 |

Agean's Bacchus



Thanks for your offer of website. 

Essential I knew making a wine in theory.Because people of my town(It is aegeans region in Turkey) make a wine at home .They make a wine of only pure grape juice.There isn't additive in their wine.  But I didn't make a wine in practice. How are  people of wine's region make a wine with traditional method.I wonder it.

I will try making a wine next autumn . My parents have a vineyard in Aegean's region .    

07:24 PM Jan 08 2010 |

Agean's Bacchus


I like kind of wine okuzgozu , bogazkere , (turkish grape) shiraz (iranian grape) merlot , cabernet , ( french grape) If people drink a goblet of wine everyday , it is very healthy for their. When drinking a wine must be restained    

07:46 PM Jan 08 2010 |




i do not know the recipe.But i think it is difficute ,even if you get the recipe.

02:37 PM Jan 09 2010 |




I don't know about this..

Something called Fenny  is sold here.. It is made of Cashew apple. Supposed to be very good. 



What has this topic go to do with all the isms ?

Plus, in english Islam is nothing but Mohhamedism… because

Buddhism  = Boudha dharma = Laws and Principles of Buddha

and Santana Dharam =  Hinduism  = Eternal laws and principles

03:35 PM Jan 09 2010 |