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Do you want to work?



South Korea

Do you work? It's hard to work, but many people work around the world.

What job do you work? Or what job do you want to work?

I work in Japanese food shop.

04:50 AM Jan 20 2010 |

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My dream is to be a translater. So I'll study English harder.

05:14 AM Jan 20 2010 |




i hate to work!!

but i can't quit it because i need money…lol

by the way i work at a mart as a cashier.

04:19 PM Jan 20 2010 |



yes i like working because it keeps me active all the time, i occupied many jobs, i worked as a translator and now iam working for the benefir of an english company. iam really enjoying myjob

05:31 PM Jan 20 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I dont have ajob. but i want to be english teacher and thats why im here to improve my language.

06:05 PM Jan 20 2010 |

Efri Shan

Efri Shan


So do I. I don’t have a job but I want to get part time job to pay my tuition. But it’s really hard 2 get a job!:-(

09:46 PM Jan 20 2010 |




I'd love to work, but first I have to finish up my school years, lol.

I'd like to work with whatever that's available, it feels so much more rewarding to work than being in school, but there's not much you can do about it^^ ;)

09:52 PM Jan 20 2010 |