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Life Talk!

Do you think depression may caused by married the wrong one?



United States

  What's your ideal spouse like?Would you prefer finding someone else instead if you couldn't find the ideal one or just keep waiting?

11:14 PM Jan 20 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

I want someone who love me, recpect me, makes me happy and stand by my side.

we do respect your feelings but in this case we want to know depressions may caused by married the wrong one or not..

So bad to live with the wrong person it is not a life…

fair enough ..

I think finding someone to live with you for a long time as a wife or husband is one of the greatest decision in our life.

in other saying : untle when ??


but if you are so sensitive , you won't be able to deal with this. just try to find someone else while waiting Laughing

I think Sinsitivety deppends to the personality of human it self .



07:55 AM Jan 27 2010 |



United States

 Thanks everybody,I love you allSmile

11:45 PM Jan 27 2010 |