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I've been using this site for almost 2 years ago unfortunately due to erratic schedule  I can't find time to visit ebaby for such any reason. i'm glad to be part of this wonderful site. Learning English is fun, interactive and informative when you keep reading, writing, talking and listening in English.

How about you? What makes English is fun and Interactive

08:34 AM Jan 24 2010 |

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United States

when i firstly entred this site i just read the lessons and went out. but may be in 6 months time i started to write the posts at the forums….it makes learning more interesting and intelligent. while you talk to remember the words in use  , and that's much better. you don't learn dry words , you use it in speech.

10:38 AM Jan 24 2010 |




I agree with you Zambuka !

I like to study spanish too!!!

07:12 AM Jan 31 2010 |

Crystal Eyes

Saudi Arabia

The english is very fun ..in my opinion .. because It's not my language And looking for learning it will help me a lot in my life .. Cause as i see .. many things that based on The English language in most of the world countries ..And no one can deny that ....Specially in my country .. Most of the jobs that in KSA .. needs people that are Experienced in the eng .. So i hope my learnin won't waste to nothing ..

07:28 AM Jan 31 2010 |



When I have full food for eat , I will study English still ,still , still,,,never stop it !

08:38 AM Jan 31 2010 |




Crystal eyes >>>> I'm glad to hear from you

Tsaokuohua>>>> what is the relationship between food and english 

12:07 AM Feb 02 2010 |