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Life Talk!

can u be a friend to the one you loved ...?



hi to everybody.

i just wanna ask you if we can be just a friend to the one that we loved most , friend to the person that we spent with the most beautifull moments if our lives, friend to the person that you gave to your heart , the person who became one day your everything ? ....

06:26 PM Feb 03 2010 |

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Usually, I never make a friend with ex person to whom you gave your heart… Loosing one two three person won't let your world desolate.

12:32 AM Feb 04 2010 |



United Arab Emirates

i can't be friend with the some1 i love because i will remeber every single thing when i just looking to this person


so i don't think so that i can be friend ,, i just go far and away

04:28 AM Feb 04 2010 |