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Life Talk!

Have you ever watched Turkish movie.

Agean's Bacchus


Have you ever watched Turkish movie ? What do you think about Turkish cinema?

Who are your favourite director , actor and actress from Turkish cinema?  

10:21 AM Feb 07 2010 |

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I never watch Turkish movie. But i wanna watch it. Could you suggest me a good Turkish movie?

11:17 AM Feb 07 2010 |

Agean's Bacchus


If you interest art of photography I can suggest Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s films because his film  technique is similar to take photography.You will love his films.There are amazing wiew in his films.He is  director of movie and good a photography artist.If you dont have interest art of photography you bore of his films.Because his film  is quite stable.You can knowledge about Nuri Bilge Ceylan at his official web site www.nuribilgeceylan.com

Additionally I can suggest  Sener sen films especially ask filmlerinin unutulmaz yönetmeni ‘’unforgettable love of film director’’ and Muhsin Bey ‘’ Mr Muhsin’’.

Finally I can suggest from Yilmaz Erdogan Neseli Hayat’’Happy life’’ and Organize Isler’’Organize works’’

You can find a lot of Turkish movies at amazon.

All the best

03:43 PM Feb 07 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in iran we can't see turkish movies

04:37 PM Feb 07 2010 |



Russian Federation

In my childhood I watched one Turkish movie that was called Çalikusu , in Russian translation it was named  " Goldcrest is  a singing birdie"

 I was so impressed by the main character's beauty and the love story in the whole… It seems the name of the actress is Aidan Shaner or smth like that… 

09:15 AM Feb 10 2010 |




u can watch Güneşi GördümCoolit's plot is interstng..

then u can also watch Babam ve Oğlum,too.

Mavi gözlü dev,Mustafa may be..

n i want to say sth else..there is another movie that im waitng now :VEDA..



08:42 PM Feb 10 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I have never, But you can be sure I am eager to do it! :D

05:46 AM Feb 16 2010 |



try to downhload some of my vaforite turkish movie (issiz adam) story love. drama (av mehsimi) drama. mysterious (receb ivedik) 1.2.3 comedy (new york ta 5 minare) adventure i hope you like something

07:56 PM Jul 20 2011 |




My favourite turkish movies are :

Kaybedenler külübü

Issız adam

İncir reçeli

You can watch them on this website with english subtitles 


07:57 PM Apr 23 2013 |




well, i watched some Turkish soap operas like Lale Devri,Dudaktan Kalbe,Eski memnue and some others which i watched them when I was child and I dont know their names…..on my idea,Turkish movies from shooting to actors and actresses are good and among Persian People  specially  Iranians and Afghans,Turkish movie are highlighted as a god movie and in many Persian channels u will see many Turkish soap operas with Persian translation.

12:39 PM Apr 24 2013 |




Sultan Fatih


12:00 PM May 01 2013 |