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Life Talk!

What do you think of college girls looking for lovers because of the difficult employment?




A word says, study well is no better than married well.As we know, it has always been difficult for college girls to get employed, and now it’s getting worse since the global economic crisis sweep across the world. As a result, after a sequence of failure in job interview, they would become more practical ,they would consider marrying a successful man as last life-saving straw.

What do you think of this phenomenon?

05:44 AM Mar 14 2010 |

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u talk very frankly!!! hahaha
ur post reflect what new life reached for!
marriage of course is the best thing for youth weather there is an economical crisis or not!!!
ur post prove that Islam is the real undeformed religion that come from the Creator who knows what is good for human and what is bad, and lastly human confess so!!!

08:54 AM Mar 14 2010 |



Those girls are smart but they have to make sure not to hurt their lovers.

11:57 AM Mar 14 2010 |

Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

There's no relation between your statements. Actually the best for any women (and person) is to finish their studies. And by the way, when the chances of employ decrease it decrease for both sex, wich means get married wont't solve the problem 'cause the husband is out of job too.

03:02 PM Mar 14 2010 |



Russian Federation

What would we do unless Islam was given to us by Allah? I can't imagine how people could live for thousands years without Islam in the past? It's just impossible. It's a nonsense! I think that by the day that Qur'an was revealed to Mohammed Islam had already existed. If to read Qur'an more carefully we'll find evidence that Islam has existed since  the times of creation.   

08:25 PM Mar 14 2010 |




” If to read Qur’an more carefully we’ll find evidence that Islam has existed since the times of creation. ”
commenting on ur post dear Konstika, Islam mean submission to the Creator who created Adam and Eve, and from them the humans came and Allah give them the way as Islam now, and all religions that came from Him upon His prophets r one which lead to the right way that He drawn for ppl, but Satan enhanced some corrupted ppl to disform the messages for their personal benefits, and that was clear in the medieval times, i think no one can deny that-even u-...and also u know when jews become away of the way that God(Allah) draw for them, He sent Jesus(may the peace of Allah be upon him), and with time for the previous reasons, Christianity had deformed from its right way and ppl start to worship the messenger and some ppl control the religion to their personal beneftis, the God sent Mohamed with the final message till the doom day, that day we all will return to Him, to be judged …good for good and bad for bad….and He knows well who follow and who disbelieve!
thanks Konstka1

09:28 AM Mar 15 2010 |