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Life Talk!

Trip to Egypt? No, thak You.... :(




aloha from Poland,
(heh, it spent long time i have been here last time)

my friends I have the real problem.
I have started with my family planning trip to the Egypt (in 2010 summer).
Of course I did 'routine web searching' to find as much tourist attraction as it is possible.
And by chance I found this article

'Tourist finds sexual harassment common in Egypt'
where you can find some statistics
"...98 percent of foreign women and 83 percent of Egyptian women reported that they'd been sexually harassed in the country…"

after quick 'directional search' I found another two articles

'Egypt voices: Sexual harassment'
"...Yesterday, when I was parking the car in front of my house, a guy grabbed my bottom…"

"...I walk home everyday. It only takes me 15 minutes, I cross the bridge. It is usually very loud and busy, but that does not stop men from approaching girls, any girl, good looking or bad looking, covered or not…"


'Egypt's sexual harassment 'cancer'

I was interesting what could be cause of such behaving of Egypt's mankind.
I found another article.

'In Egypt, sexual harassment grows'

"...Amna Nosseir, a professor of philosophy and former dean of Al Azhar University in Cairo, one of the centers of Sunni Islam, says Egyptian culture has changed since her youth.

"Look at our boys today," she says. "They have nothing to fill their lives except TV and the Internet, and now we have this problem of late marriage. When you combine it all, you will have social problems like harassment." ..."

So, it looks that it is true… I can't believe.

my first question is : is it true?
does any one from here meet such situation in Egypt?

All articles are written in 2008 so my second question is
(if answer on first question is: "yes, it is true")

does anything changed from 2008 to this day in this matter?

please if You were on trip in Egypt this year share your opinion in this matter.


ps. Some of You know that I like to tell the stories so I have one here

One year ago my wife was witness of grabbing old lady wallet by young man. My wife has stood on thief way and…. he did the wrongest thing in his life – he tried to punch. my wife kicked only once (she is training street fighting and karate for 10 years). Guy finished with broken nose, broken jaw, knocked out three teeth,  brain concussion and ruptured eye (fortunately for him after two sophisticated operation he can see on this eye).

I know my wife – if someone put hand on her with sexual context she kick much much harder and not only once (and of course I kick much much harder than my wife and also not only once)
so conclusion is only one. We can't take this trip as long as sexual harassment will be such common (if is)  in Egypt… because my wife could really start some Polish-Egypt war ;-)

12:31 PM Mar 15 2010 |

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yae you'r right


06:28 PM Mar 15 2010 |




Egypt goin butter now :)

05:59 AM Jul 03 2014 |