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Imagination....what is that?!





Imagination…yes…what is the imagination, It is good or not?

I think it's something like drugs…for instance when you are in love,the girl you are dreaming is not generally the girl you're really in love,imagination is deceiving us.But if you succeed to reach the truth about the person who is loved by you,through every pictures you've made with your imagination,you don't want know it!Doesn't it true?

Are you loving your imagination or your girlfriend (or boyfriend)?

01:18 PM Jun 09 2007 |

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I´m sorry to say this, but i really disagree with you. Imagination has nothing to do with drugs or false expectations.

i tend to think that imagination is the abilility or capability to create something new, different, and the most important and distinguishing characteristic of human beings.

Thanks to imagination, people have been able to progress, to improve.

In short, i´d really like to have a great imagination forever… 

05:27 PM Jun 09 2007 |



Viet Nam

I really get drug

05:56 PM Jun 09 2007 |




So there is good sides of imagination,but imagination isn't ambiguous notion?...imagination made us progress but did you never ask yourself what man could do whithout the bad imagination.

 Look…maths for you are belonging to imagination?or not?I think maths for me are belonging to reason and not to imagination…sometimes you must use your imagination to solve problems but imagination only provide you crude idea,sometimes without meaning.look!every breakthrough occur by accident ; examples : Louis Pasteur and peniscilina, Mr Cardans and the imaginary number…imaginary…that thing shows us that imagination is whithout logic,who could have thought that such number those the square is -1 could get true result,averaging the fact that you only take the real number or the module to get results

So for me imagination is only uthopia that we would like it occurs 

10:20 PM Jun 09 2007 |




let me say this plz,

imagination is beyond humain nature, beyond our ability to understand it .

I think that imagination helps ppl to create thier own world , the world where they belong and feel safe even if they have no problems or lets say even if they think that their imagination world gives them the satisfaction they search and hope. however, talking about imagination would take longer time and will need a strong ability of IMAGINATION!!!! so try just to imagineWink

12:08 AM Jun 10 2007 |



Now I am imagining we are all lovely green plants,arguing about the starsInnocent

05:14 PM Jun 11 2007 |



The pity thing for me is that I am lake of imagination , If I have more, I will make my life more colorful and make great contribution to the world. Everyone should put their imagination in the correct fields and when you succeed, you will find that imagination is really powerful.

03:55 AM Jun 12 2007 |