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The perfect age to get married



Saudi Arabia

i'm excited to know your opinion about the perfect age to get married (men)with explain the reasonsCool

10:27 AM Apr 28 2010 |

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Oanna Helen


Men in my country are getting married too later, 27-30..They want to have a good time and many women untill marriage. What about men in your country?

10:33 AM Apr 28 2010 |

Maryam Dilya


In my country men are get married in age 20-27, i think normal age for getting married is 26-..., no earlier. Main reason of early marriage is the realtives, and family (parents who wants to have grandchildren and assistance) :)

11:31 AM Apr 28 2010 |




for man must be > 35

for woman must be > 30  

02:12 PM Apr 28 2010 |




03:44 AM Apr 29 2010 |



Russian Federation

I think there is no perfect age for marriage. When a man feels that he is ready, it's time to marry. Smile

06:23 AM Apr 29 2010 |

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

in my country…

men: 25 – 30

women: 18 – 23


in my opinion:

when the pesron become able to take responsibility for marriage, can get merreid in any age, I put lower and highr boundary to the both 18 – 30


peace be upon u all

with love :)

salam . bye

07:13 PM Apr 29 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my country men25-35

and women20-30

11:51 AM Apr 30 2010 |

Asian man

Asian man


In the age when you enable yourself responsible enough to your new family

12:37 PM Apr 30 2010 |



the perfect age for me is when the time a person is prepared enough in terms of; first and foremost in physical aspect. atleast she or he reached the age of puberty or sexual maturity <complete maturity most probably age 18 in both gender>. secondly we have to consider the financial aspect atleast he or she has a job to do for a living to raise a family<case to case basis but most probably between ages23-25>.and lastly emotional aspect.decision making is the most important part of getting married because if we will see the deeper sense of it getting married is putting 2 individuals as one.willing to share and endure life for better or for worse.

07:17 PM May 01 2010 |