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The perfect age to get married



Saudi Arabia

i'm excited to know your opinion about the perfect age to get married (men)with explain the reasonsCool

10:27 AM Apr 28 2010 |

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usually, the age to get married is 24-30 in my city.

06:13 AM May 05 2010 |



 i think that age of men when thay have potential (resources) of marriage and if u need age for years nomber it is 25-27 and for women is from 18-24 it;s perfect age for men and women to enjoy each other and have sons and also to protect them from bad sexy puplished in all world

12:08 PM May 05 2010 |




im agree with eleniya man and woman when they feel that is the perfect time to married they do it and for morocco their is a man with more than 45years old married a girl with 20 or 25 im not agree with that . for me if i get the chance to married a girl i would do it right now but she mustn’t be from morocco or arabic why not from europ or usa  and for advice to all of u stay away from moroccan girls they are so bad more that any one of u think

04:42 PM Mar 22 2012 |




mostly for men are 26+ , as long as he gets ready to start his own family and got the right woman, I think there’s no matter with age.

06:39 AM Mar 25 2012 |