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Life Talk!

Girly talk ..what is the key to win men..??



HI Friends:

I want some piece of advice in dealing with men ..
I do like someone ..and I guess he is trying to “drop me a line” but I am such a jerk ..I don’t know how to catch those lines ..I am not that kind of girl who is good at “girly tricks” to win him, making him sees no one but her ..

So would you please help me in here ? what do you girls do to make men think that you are interested in him, but without seem to be silly or too pushy ..you know kind a “playing hard to get” strategy .. I don’t know which way is the best ..
So would you please give me an advice ..

Many thanks

06:32 PM Aug 04 2003 |

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Hey Guys ..

I just wanted to thank you all for your support

It’s really wonderful to share our thoughts and Idea

Many Thanks

03:01 PM Aug 23 2003 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have the same problem.actually I love a guy but he has his own girlfreind.I tried to forget him but I cant.what can I do?

02:32 PM Nov 18 2007 |

saudi cute girl

Saudi Arabia

If you show your real femininity & act like a real women, men will like, no matter how you look like..confident women also attract men..

10:40 PM Nov 20 2007 |



Russian Federation

Look down and then unexpectedly glance into his eyes. But don’t scare him, it should be natural. He will never forget your eyes.

09:47 PM Nov 21 2007 |