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Are Americans Stupid? - Statistics, Studies and Research



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Dmitri June 9th, 2007

We made a couple of posts concerning people’s perception of Americans around the world and the things American tourists do to enforce that perception. Now we come to the next part; are there any statistical data that gives any indication in favour of the world perception of Americans? The answer is yes, there is and I have compiled it right below, in this very article. Sources quoted, you can check them out for details on the studies and research methods.


USA scores the lowest in national average IQ among the developed countries of the world, at a national average score of 98. The data is obtained from IQ and Global Equality by Dr. Richard Lynn (professor of Psychology, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen (University of Tampere, Finland) who have done extensive research on the subject spanning several years. The national average IQ score of Americans at 98 is below 22 countries (including Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, North Korea and China). The low Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score of United States puts the Americans at a lower intelligence level on an average as compared to the other industralised nations.


The mathematical skills and abilities to process mathematical problems put America on a weak spot. American high school students scored 483 in the test Program for International Student Assessment. The average scores of American students were way below those of top scoring countries like South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, etc. all of whom scored between 503 and 544 (significantly higher than US scores). Mathematical skills, scientific temper and the ability to apply mathematical knowledge are essential in the present world and they are the roots of logical and scientific reasoning. If this becomes a weak point, a person’s ability to fare well in science, logical and anaytical thinking would suffer as well.


Another study as a special report by ABC showed that in scientific and mathematical skills, an average Belgian kid scored better than a skilled American. By age fifteen Americans fell behind 25 countries in this test. They scored worse than countries which spend much less in education. The report also states that in US, mediocrity is encouraged by monopoly of public school and opportunity based scholarships, which is hurting the academic ability of Americans when compared to the rest of the world. Yes, monopoly hurts because there is no competition to better oneself against, but when it comes to countries with lesser quality of education it says something. Those countries are not well off either but in spite of that they do better than US.


“American adults in general do not understand what molecules are (other than that they are really small). Fewer than a third can identify DNA as a key to heredity. Only about 10 percent know what radiation is. One adult American in five thinks the Sun revolves around the Earth, an idea science had abandoned by the 17th century.” This is an excerpt from an article by New York Times which did a study and survey of Americans to determine their awareness. Coming from a nation where half the schools do not teach the science of evolution, scientific outlook is discouraged and a lot of emphasis is laid on religious education, the results are hardly surprising.


Now with all these statistics and research data it is up to you, the reader to decide if Americans really deserve the ’stupid’ tag. As with any nation, there are always exceptions which means not all Americans fit these statistics. But a majority of Americans do which creates the average data at a lower level than the other countries.

08:10 PM May 21 2010 |

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Is there any comparitive study of other countries ?

You will be suprised if similar study is made in your country.

05:21 AM May 22 2010 |



if you read it then you will see that it is a comparision.

06:24 AM May 22 2010 |



God Bless America, The Great!  Amen.


:S insulting news???

06:26 AM May 22 2010 |



United Kingdom

The idea that Americans are all stupid or more stupid than people from other nations is garbage.

Yes, some Americans can't locate certain European countries. How many Europeans can locate all the American states?


This idea that 'Americans are dumb' is just something certain people kid themselves into thinking so that they feel better about themselves.

01:54 AM May 23 2010 |



Rank&darr; Country&darr; IQ estimate[3]&darr; 1  Hong Kong 107 2  South Korea 106 3  Japan 105 4  Taiwan 104 5  Singapore 103 6  Austria 102 6  Germany 102 6  Italy 102 6  Netherlands 102 10  Sweden 101 10  Switzerland 101 12  Belgium 100 12  China 100 12  New Zealand 100 12  United Kingdom 100 16  Hungary 99 16  Poland 99 16  Spain 99 19  Australia 98 19  Denmark 98 19  France 98 19  Mongolia 98 19  Norway 98 19  United States 98




maybe your brother did an iq test for children :p   but it is stupid to claim if somebody is stupid or not because of his iq :S                                                                                                                

06:03 AM May 23 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

well .. i don't usually judge people generally ., i can't say certain people are stupid or smart .. I always try to say "that guys is smart, that one is stupid .. that one is bad and that one is good",, i always try ..

but definitely there are somethings you can judge people in general but for me, not in this :P ..

yes i have heard sch news before about american being stupids ,,, but that does not matter, it does not concern me at all ,, you know it won't make me better nor worse, so I just don't care.

anyhow,, thanks for the topic :) ...

03:41 AM May 24 2010 |




People who cant even locate their own country on globe, dont know who was their first president, who think English Channel is between Channel 4 and 5 and who can even make the greatest feat of making spelling and grammatical mistakes in their own national language have all the rights to be gloriously crowned the dumbest people.
“Soccer! What the hell. Why do you idiots call a game football where there is no use of feet. you guys are fucking stupid.”
“You can actually see Russia, in land, from here in Alaska.”
—Sarah Palin
“How can Americans be brunettes and gingers? Oh yes, blondes DO know how to dye.”
Disc lamer: I’m not responsible for the above comments. So you can sue me. No you cant.

04:32 AM May 24 2010 |




If they are stupid, then why America (USA) was one of the most developed countries in the last century?

02:34 PM May 24 2010 |




^ because there’re wise smartasses too. You know the class divide in which some people have too much money and rest mangle in poverty. In US some nerds are dirtily brainy. The rest are just burger eating, beer drinking, nymphomaniacs. :D jk. Lol. But honestly most of the US citizens that I’ve met in real and on net seem to possess a lesser degree of intellect and common sense than their European or Asian peers. Thats my personal opinion.

03:49 PM May 24 2010 |