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Life Talk!





Hello lighting ladies….So i have just one question :

Do you like my face?

(So because one girl said i have a face's killer…uhuh.:(..uhuhuhuh..:.(...oiiiiiiin) 

12:14 PM Jun 17 2007 |

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Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

Ha-ha :) You are quite nice, boy… :) But what made you look so angry?Tongue out

01:08 PM Jun 17 2007 |



WinkHi,maybe you donot know me,but your face impress me—a bit horrify,ha,ha,that just a joy,please don't take it serious.

03:14 PM Jun 17 2007 |



why do you only want girls give her opinion about your face?from your face,i can see that you are a honest boy,just look like so serious from ur face,give a smile to other people if u can

05:56 PM Jun 17 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

u have a ugly face. Kindly don't show ur face to others. For me when I saw ur face, i couldn't sleep last night.


08:20 AM Jun 18 2007 |




is it really u picture…












08:50 AM Jun 18 2007 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

U are really angry but i think ur heart is so soft

07:51 PM Jan 02 2010 |

BestLuck2Bedoon :)


I agree with aliyatul_hikmah.

Handsome/pretty also can be a killer.  Nice heart is more important than face.

Don't think much guy. Your picture just look like a serious or worried people. I think your heart is nice. If you smile you may look happier than the current picture.

12:23 PM Jan 03 2010 |



what the tomato ^^

02:26 AM Jan 04 2010 |

Bebe Cita

Bebe Cita

Puerto Rico

Oh Boy, I admit you lOok a little serious, but you seem to be a loVely boy.

And if that girl told you that you loOk like a killer, I believe you can be the sweeties killer of her heart -

08:57 AM Jan 04 2010 |

Alter ego

Alter ego

Puerto Rico

I Honestly believed the same when I saw your picture, I was like Surprised  I couldnt sleep for one week..Omg! Well.. not that much, I did sleep hehe that was a joke. But I think You should smile a little, dont you think? Maybe a smile like this one :


09:10 AM Jan 04 2010 |