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Life Talk!

Recommend a good movie

Whitney S

Whitney S


Hi everyone!

Tonight it is a cold night, so I think it is perfect to watch movies :D

Can u recommend me a good one?

Ps: Say what kind of movie it is.


05:39 AM May 28 2010 |

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For Sci fi “The matrix trilogy”
for a good love story “10 things I hate about you”
for action “The bourne trilogy”
for thriller “The shining”
for suspense “The ocean’s trilogy”

04:42 AM May 29 2010 |




'Svengali', though old but worth watching movie adopted from George du Mauier's novel 'Trilby'. Svengali is actually the villain of the novel, the sinister hypnotist, uses his hypnotic powers to enslave a tone-deaf young woman named Triliby O'Farrall and transformed her into a magnificent singer. When Svengali dies from a heart attack at the beginning of Trilby's concert, Triliby awakened from deep trance completely unable to sing or even remembered what has happened to her, she too dies soon after.

Due to this novel English gained interesting word, Svengali , which now means :

A person who manipulates or controls another for malicious purposes, especially by force of personality. 

09:51 AM May 30 2010 |




One of my personal favorites is Hotaru no Haka. Grave of the Fireflies in English.

It's a moving film about a young girl, Setsuko, and her older brother, Seita. Hotaru no Haka is an animation based on the last bits of World War II; after the firebombing of Kobe, of which Setsuko and Seita had lost their mother in.

Click on this text for the article


08:37 PM May 30 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

that  man  who  works as   takes care of incubator children or maybe he is sitting house not sure

11:28 PM May 30 2010 |




Amadeus… by Milos Forman.

12:13 AM May 31 2010 |