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Videos: Gaza activists use violence against Israeli troops in Flotilla incident



United Kingdom



A video of what actually happened:


Demonstrators Use Violence Against Israeli Navy Soldiers Attempting to Board Ship


 Video 2: Activists on ship preparing for a fight with Israeli troops and making weapons:


Flotilla Rioters Prepare Rods, Slingshots, Broken Bottles and Metal Objects to Attack IDF Soldiers 

WHY is it always those that use violence scream so loud when their victims defend themselves?



Video 3: 

Mavi Marmara Passengers Attack IDF Before Soldiers Board Ship



 Video 4:

Flotilla Passenger: "I Want to Be a Shahid (Martyr)" 

04:06 PM May 31 2010 |

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who poor person fabs you are

you lie alie and you beleive all the world now now and before what a devil is israel

so seach a stupid persons and tell him a funny history like allways do

israel terorist became victim this is the last joke witch make us lought really

and just beleive that palestien will be free soooooooooner inchalhh

04:56 PM May 31 2010 |




free for gaza ..free palestien

06:56 PM May 31 2010 |



United Kingdom

Terrorists shouldn't be calling anyone else terrorists.


The people on the ship rejected every single opportunity to hand the 'food and supplies' to Israeli authorities so it could be checked and sent in legally.

Instead they decided to play anti-Israel 'heroes' by charging illegally against the Israeli army, then attacked Israeli soldiers that boarded the ship.


It's a tragedy for sure, but it could have been avoided if these fools hadn't done these stupid things, then attacked troops better armed than themselves.

It also doesn't help when Turkey irresponsably mixes itself into a conflict it knows nothing about, just to poise itself as a false hero of the Arab world.  

07:38 PM May 31 2010 |




I used to try to be fair for what Israel done in Palestine..but now I am very angry and disappointed since Israel attacked Aid Ship…

01:07 AM Jun 01 2010 |




Shame on you Israel


Israel will do itself in One coffin nail at a time. Their arrogance won’t allow themselves to think so but the world is watching. The rest of the world lives in reality, the reality Israel should not and will never live in Palestine. to live in Israel is a make believe state, a false dream that has turned into a nightmare for the world. Israel don’t forget your history that’s full of blood and wars. You are a mere scattered nomads who out of the blue raped a pure, virgin, innocent land that will never be yours. Remember History repeats itself…and all what u are doing today, tomorrow will play against you ( and you know this deep inside)…this world was made by an order which says that Good will always defeat Evil…no one can change this equation.

01:24 AM Jun 01 2010 |



This is Israel…this is your history…and this is your value ….

maybe these pictures will speak louder…more than anything else…Israel History will never FORGIVE you…

01:34 AM Jun 01 2010 |



United Kingdom

Yes, show as dead bodies as you want. There is a context behind them.

Israel attacks in self-defense, even if it is in a heaily populated area where civilians are hit by accident.


I'm in Israel right now, and the full story is known here.

05:47 AM Jun 01 2010 |





08:03 AM Jun 01 2010 |



United Kingdom

The full story is that these 'activists' refused to negociate with Israel about access to Gaza.

As Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a registered terrorist group in the USA, Canada and the EU, all shipments to Gaza are checked for weapons. 

Israel offered to check it for weapons if it docked in Israeli territory, and would then have transfered the food and supplies staight to the Gazans.

Instead, these madmen refused and decided to charged the fleet straight for Gaza knowing fully well that the Israeli fleet would try to stop them and check their boats.

When the troops did, the 'activists' were well prepared for a fight, as this video shows, and threw gas grenades, used knives and metal pipes against armed soldiers.


I'm shocked by what happened.

What happened is a tragedy, but it cold have been avoided if Turkey had not been following an anti-Israel policy by fueling these activists, andif these activists had simply followed the rules instead of trying, as usual, to force a confrontation with the Israeli military.

02:54 PM Jun 01 2010 |