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PM ERDOGAN BOMBED ISRAIL...:“Israel cannot clean off the blood on its hands through any excuse.”




News Diplomacy Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who cut short his trip to Chile after Israel's attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla on Monday, said Israel was alienating itself in the region in an address to his party's parliamentary group on Tuesday.

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He said Turkey would act together with the international community to give the warranted response to Israel using all possibilities offered by international law and diplomacy.

He also urged Israel to lift its "inhumane embargo" on Gaza as soon as possible.

He said the international community should carry out an investigation into the operation by Israeli commandos to stop a Turkish vessel carrying aid to Gaza. At least nine people were

 killed during the storming of the vessel.

Erdoğan said it was more than reckless to equate unarmed civilians with terrorists. He warned Israel that Turkey was not a country that it would like to be enemies with. “TURKEY WİLL NOT LET THİS GO.TURKEY'S ENMITY IS AS STRONG ASTHE VALUE OF ITS FRIENDSHIP.''he said

He stated that Israel had turned into a nation that creates instability in its region, calling on the international community to intervene.

Erdoğan also addressed the nation of Israel. He said Turkey has always stood against anti-Semitism and offered protection to Jews when they were victims of violence and persecution. He said it was now the Israelis' turn to do the same. He stated that the Israeli government, in lying, using deception and bloodshed and massacring innocent people, was damaging the people of Israel most. He also thanked the Turkish-Jewish community for their stance regarding Israel's attacks.

Erdoğan said an aggressive country conducting state terrorism with no remorse could no longer face the international community. He said that Israel attacking a civilian ship in international waters was as crime, but killing innocent people was state terrorism. “WE ARE SİCK OF YOUR LIES. BE HONEST!BE HONEST?WE ALWAYS WİLL BE WİTH PALISTINA ALTHOUGH ALL WORLD TURN THEİRS FACE TO THEM,” he said, calling on Israel and demanding the return of the six ships that were seized by Israel.

Erdoğan said the bloody murders committed by Israel cannot be legitimized, explained or excused in any way. “ISRAIL CAN NOT CLEAN OFF BLOOD ON ITS HANDS THROUGH ANY EXCUSE!.” He said the incident was not only a problem between the two countries, but a problem of the entire world.


01 June 2010, Tuesday

12:48 PM Jun 01 2010 |

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He’s at least part true. Turkey wouldn’t be an easy foe, it spends a large amount of GDP on military.

06:40 PM Jun 01 2010 |