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A   Story from Lee Yong (The CEO of Englishunion)  Lee Yong was born in Dutouli(Youlanzhenli) village of Nanchang by 1979 with middle school graduated . He gave up university life by family poorly instead of studying Cement Industry in Jiangxi School. The first work is to install screw for manostat on electroform of professor in  Nanchuang university which is only have 300 yuan paid one month. After that, he left Zhejiang and then working in Guangdong. And he found the foreign trade English makes money very much while doing the salesman in Zhejiang .Therefore he lent 4000 yuan to join in ten days course “Li Yang Crazy English Training Camp” on 1st of August of 2002. After ten days training, he started his foreign trade business and hard working in English. One year later, He became the manager of STRONG TRADING in Malaysia. He earned more than ten thousand per month and he published his book called《Crazy Business English》and started to teach people in foreign train area.  《Crazy Business English》are became some of teaching material in school or training centre which is Edited by Lee Yong. It is also well know by the study way from the book which is about “a close  camp for international winner of English ”. As a organiger of Englishunion, the first CEO of Englishunion, Lee Yong is invited as a special guest of Alibaba , and he is knew well by numerous learner of  Foreign Trade English.   By running speech, held English corner and training classes around everyplace, Lee Yong gave lots of help to everybody and shared his experience that how to learn English and change their life. Most of his events about how to learn English are reported and he also be said as “The fastest English learner of the country”. The detailed of Lee Yong record of events is in Baidu search "Lee Yong English".


03:50 AM Jun 19 2007 |

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can you edit your text,plx?

it's too tired to read it.

i know lee yong who is a great man ,i respect him.

07:50 AM Jun 19 2007 |



What on  the earth are you wanna doing?

Felling it's just like a Advertisment!

06:00 AM Jun 24 2007 |