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is it hard to find a friend?


United States

is it hard to find a friend?

01:32 PM Jun 22 2010 |

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 i think find a friend is not a problem . Be a friend is important. if you treat each other with your ture heart, i think most people would like to make frien d with you . i think good attitude would make everything going better.Smile IT'S my oppinion

02:36 PM Jun 22 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

to find modest and loyal friend is really hard and difficult. remain friend is hard tooooooo.

06:22 PM Jun 22 2010 |



yeah, it's very difficult to find the suitable person to be friend with u.

02:10 AM Jun 23 2010 |

su mint

su mint


We'll have different friends in different places,but if we meet a loyal and true fridend,we should keep up with him.Because the best friend can trust and help each other .

03:18 AM Jun 23 2010 |



find a friend is easy,the difficult one is find a loyal and sincere to you.

06:53 AM Jun 23 2010 |



Yes, I think it's hard to find a loyal and a sincere friend. however, I believe that there are some good people around us who may hold such lofty traits.

01:59 AM Jun 24 2010 |




Yes, a good friend is extremely hard to find. And we need time to make friends. I admit to be not a perfect friend for anybody, because I'm too selfish.

05:13 PM Jun 24 2010 |




`it's not hard to find a friend. But it's hard to find a best friend.
You're right (;.
Friend isn't a big problem in these days. But real friend… Harder, absolutely. But the best friend is the most beautiful thing, which can meet us in our life. 

12:23 PM Jul 15 2010 |