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Life Talk!

Is it better to live with your familly or to be independent ?



It differs from one to another how he prefers to live his life,one sees his life alone is a freedom to him,and others see it as a treason to the favours of his parents so what do you think ????

04:49 PM Jul 19 2010 |

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United Arab Emirates

me with my lovely familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

07:49 PM Jul 19 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

sure live with my parents

08:08 PM Jul 19 2010 |



I think the two suitation are possible for me before university life i didn't think that i can live away from my family house that's what made the first year of my university study was very terrible nobody can't imagine that sometimes i returend from the road to stay in house but i felt with my parents role in my life how they're very important and family make u feel safety but i started to do things i never did it for myself before and to be more responsable in my life.

08:40 PM Jul 19 2010 |



So I give you another question:

Would you wish one day after you're married and have kids,that after you became old and infirm your childeren or sons just leave one day and let the walls of the home speak to each other ?   I guess that's a little bit harsh Don't you think ?

01:25 AM Jul 20 2010 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

Thare is a season for everything..

There will come a time that children would want to prove their self-sufficiency—that they can provide for themselves, get away from their parents' shadows, carve their niche and establish their identity.. That time parents have to let go..

If at all children fail to have things their way, there will always be that "family" that they can go home to..

Open Letter to Stan:

Dear Stan,

Time will come that you have to leave Mumma, that you have to walk your own path, build and work your dreams, fall in love and build your own family.. Bear in your mind that I am not loving and taking very good care of you just because I want you to be with me when I grow old and my memory is failing me..

I am loving you with my life because I want you to love your future children with your life, too..

Do not worry about me.. The four walls of my room will be there to keep me company..

Lotsa love,


07:57 AM Jul 20 2010 |