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Is the world getting better?




Over the past 30 years, the world has made a lot of economic progress and advancements.  It also seems the the world is getting unhealthier.  There is a lot of obesity (being fat) and new health problems.  The world also seems more and more obsessed with money.  There is less morality too.  What do you think? 

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04:48 AM Jul 22 2010 |

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Memory zhu


Well in fact, economic progress is like an edged-sword!Let people live a super standard life ,but also make some people be more lazy ,especially youth who is the new generation that stand for the successor of society! I think everything has its polarization like a coin has two sides! A good thing is always with bad news!

05:53 AM Jul 22 2010 |



The mankind have everything and don t have nothing.Only ecomomic progress is not importment, like spirutal progress. We don t have any fieth, the man living for diaing.

06:01 AM Jul 22 2010 |




They told to our parents how the machines will work for us and look now… we are those who work for the machines sometimes.

09:51 AM Jul 22 2010 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Every progress has good and bad sides.We have factories but we don't have forest ,we have 3D LCD TV but we don't have healthy life. And people are greedy, obssesed with money and why? because we compete , we want more than we can get. Nowadays being good enough isn't good enough anymore. 


01:45 PM Jul 22 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


We all know it is getting worse, if we focus on the most important things: Health and values.

08:28 AM Aug 03 2010 |