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Life Talk!

3 easy questions about you

Whitney S

Whitney S


1. What do you reaf the most in your life? ( It can be something like being alone, a phobia or global warming, whatever you fear is ok)

2. What do you love?

3. What is in your pockets right now?


Source: Life in a day project :) 

06:09 AM Jul 26 2010 |

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Russian Federation


2.many things (life and nature, sea, music, English language, reading, MY FAMILY

3.I have no pockets right now… :)

09:52 AM Jul 26 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

i luv myself so much.

i'm fear of my dreams don't becomes truth


03:23 PM Jul 26 2010 |




1.i fear to be alone and force me to do the things i hate.

2.i love myself .

3.i heve no pockets right know :P

04:00 PM Jul 26 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

1. I fear myself.
2. I love myself.
3. Nothing and Every thing.

05:33 PM Jul 26 2010 |



my fear is anfailure.

I love be alone or with be loved person. 

Actually I have 50 euro in my pocket, but usually i don t have nothingm maybe crown for pray :)


06:27 PM Jul 26 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

hello nice and short questions

1-I fear from ages ( wierd answer

2-my parent and all my relatives .

3-100 riyals ,some credit cards and my ID card.

I hope to see your answers too xD .

12:06 AM Jul 27 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Your answers are very interesting. Thank you all!

Pievinis and MeSho your request is very kind. I will answer to those 3 questions :)

1. I am afraid of letting that people who surround me and who I dont consider special to me, get to know what I really think and feel.

 2. I Love entertainment. I love music, acting and singing. I find it passionant and fascinating.

3. I dont have anything on my pockets right now. 


12:44 AM Jul 27 2010 |



1.to be left alone

2.I love travelling


03:26 AM Jul 27 2010 |

Kara Lo'J


1. Loneliness and darkness

2. God, life, family, boyfriend and friends

3. Nothing 'cause I wear pajamas right now.

05:38 AM Jul 27 2010 |