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Life Talk!

any one can help me........ plz!!!



Syrian Arab Republic

i m a girl in 18year old i get marred last year but i don't love my husbend and really icand live with him but my family want  me to be with him and i love my parents a lot and i want them to be with me  

plz help me how i can get what i want and get my parents what they want!!1

11:56 AM Jul 26 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

My advice is not  marry him
 you must know your rights  its your right
It is your life 
, You who will live with him 
You will have children   and be resbansible 

if   your family really  wanted  you  to be happy  they must understand

01:21 PM Jul 26 2010 |




My dear Doaa1,

To hear what have happened to you ,make me very angry.

In the name of Allah, I realize that your family should marry your husband.

02:16 PM Jul 26 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

why  u married him ?
Do you have children? 

02:16 PM Jul 26 2010 |



I have one advice for you; we live in 21. century and no one can t force you to live with someone if you don t love him. If you a Cahtolik and if you a marred in Chatolik way, that matrimony is failed because you ar not a marred in free will… If you a musliman girl, than I m so sorry, I can t hellp you, because that is for musliman usually normal matrimony…

06:47 PM Jul 26 2010 |



plz check ur mail box


07:27 PM Jul 26 2010 |



United States

If you run away, it might take some years, but your family will forgive you. a few years of bad relations with your family will be bad, but is that worse than a lifetime of misery?


If you have an authority figure to back you up (religious figure, family friend, grandparent) they could help you.  If your husband is a decent man, he will make it his responsibility to get a divorce. 


I'm really sorry about your situation.  

03:24 AM Jul 27 2010 |




sorry to hear that and sorry to know that it is happened in my country 

but any way ; you have to do something , you have to talk with your husband and with your family to talk with him , if he treats you in a bad way

and if you have to ;  then you can get divorced from him

it is long life to live with someone you don't like him or respect him ; at the end sorry to tell you that you family on day going to die and you are the only person how have to live the rest of her life with a man don't like


so rethink and god bless you

yours truly ; i wish i can help you more  

01:43 PM Jul 27 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

 If you need to speak with me feel free  

02:13 PM Jul 27 2010 |