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Life Talk!

Do you drink Alchohol ?



I remember I treid it once,though my religion forbids it,and I remember that day,I broke two noses and fought with my parents,and got fired from my work…I can't remember well…!!!

What about you ?

08:57 PM Jul 27 2010 |

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Kara Lo'J


I have never drunk alcohol!

I think that it's a bad habit that can cause many problems and It's bad for the health!

Why do people drink?

09:11 PM Jul 27 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Well,maybe some of them drink because they think that it will make them forget something bad(and this is a great wickness)and indeed they forget but when they wake up they find them selves have done more horrible things than what they were drinking for.

Some guys drink to show their manhood,bullshit

Others drink,because people drink LOL

09:20 PM Jul 27 2010 |



United States

Seems you drank too much!


Alcohol drunk in moderation has been proven to improve health and life expectancy, but I personally almost never drink, just because I have no real interest to.   I would rather just have a diet coke.  Occasionally, I will have a small glass of wine with dinner, and when I lived in China I would sometimes have a cold beer in the hot summertime if that was all that was available (often the case).  

09:22 PM Jul 27 2010 |

pure hearted


I haven't tested it, but I guess it's disgusting.

09:36 PM Jul 27 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Maybe "you" see it healthy mister,and I'm not drunk because I would never like to loose my mind and be a joke cause of something doesn't even deserve it's price.

I don't deny it's medical benefits,but I harms more than treats,when you drink abit of it,you'll say to your self why I do not add a little bit and that little bit will lead to another bit untill you're OUT OF MIND,see


  1. Four in ten murders are committed by people who were under the influence of alcohol when they committed the crime.
  2. Sex Crimes
  3. About 50% of all sex crimes involving juveniles are committed when the perpetrator was drinking.
  4. Rape
  5. Almost half of all rapes committed happened when the rapist was under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Violent Crime
  7. Alcohol causes more violent crimes than any other drug, and over 20% of convicted felons commit crimes while drinking.
  8. Drunk Driving Fatalities
  9. It is estimated that auto accidents caused by drunk driving kill around 13,000 people annually. On average, an American is injured every minute in an alcohol-related auto accident.
  10. Convicted Criminals
  11. Six out of ten inmates state they drank daily before committing their crimes and two in three had received prior help through an alcohol treatment program.
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09:42 PM Jul 27 2010 |




sure I do, and I've never had a problem about it.

10:15 PM Jul 27 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Do you really think that the "Sip" is who makes you a "Dragon" ?!

So why you don't try to be a dragon by nature ?,try it'll give you more confidence

The problem on us humanbeings is that we always look for a back door,the easiest way,we don't like to learn,but to have it as it is

As the proverb says "Don't give me a fish,but teach me how I catch it"

Humanbeing is a beutiful creature by his nature,he needs not anything to make perfect,just be you :) 


10:53 PM Jul 27 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Thanks brother,I didn't know you're a muslim

But since you're a muslim,and Ithink you know that alchohol is forbiden in Islam,I see your point of view is a little bit absurd

Don't you know that our prophet Mohammad PBUH,said that anything that too much of it makes you out of consciousness,a little bit of is forbiden


My friends I'm not trying to convince you by my religion,it has nothing to do with religion,but I'm just trying to think reasonably

And I'm sorry Master mind I did not mean to hurt your feelings

11:21 PM Jul 27 2010 |




You guys are talking like if drinking alcohol makes you loose all your reason, with is not true at all.

11:27 PM Jul 27 2010 |



Hey Hey Hey,we're not here to quarrel ok

It's ok my friends you can put the blame on me.

Well let's make a vote,who says alchohol is good writes only "good"

And who says that Alchohol is bad writes only "bad" ok

then we'll see

12:15 AM Jul 28 2010 |