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Can any Christian Explain To me This



French Southern Territories

I'm a muslim,and I'm called terrorist as modern plicies claim,and I'm lost in my beliefs.


01:24 AM Jul 28 2010 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

many book of diferent prohpet was spoke about Jesus … and Jesus didin't spoke about somebody after himself (specially when you belive he was killed)?

can you say which signs those peophets spicified with Jesus?

And you put to shame all Christians by such a manner and rationality, Nah!?

08:59 PM Jul 28 2010 |




pjesnik 4 for u

why bible is much and much and why quran is ONE?

maybe time has change so u need another bible right?

by the way quran is bad copy of bible ; big liar u; have u got proof?

yes same point can be cause SAME GOD (not gods) sent all of;

why quran send last do u ever think? cause some bad man changed and demolish their bibles so u see many of different books..

please search good; then speak . please some respect if u dont believe… 

09:45 PM Jul 28 2010 |




thx u proved to me that u can't read both arabic or english now and u don't know anything about ur religion too.

my question wasn't about the mention of great jesus(puh)i asked about trinity the holiest thought in christinity as i thought did god mention it in any of his book?

i think it's very simple question here and i didn't attack ur book or ur god why did u attack our prophet?????

10:05 PM Jul 28 2010 |



faith i just need simple answer?

10:51 PM Jul 28 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Which one of them you are going to send Faith,the bible of 2010 ?

Guys I gave my arguments,it's over for me,though I've got no answer,but this is it,It's all about your honesty with your selves now,now body can lie at him self,because I'm sure inside of any one of you now,there are many questions,that propose them selves again and again

Peace for you all


10:56 PM Jul 28 2010 |



French Southern Territories

One more last thing please

I promised before I post this thread,if you gave me convincing answers and convinced me with true logical proofs,I would get to your christianity,but unfortunately,it seems you your selves haven't got the answers

11:29 PM Jul 28 2010 |



French Southern Territories

You forced me to comeback again Faith

Yes I have an aim,but I've got no benefit,just think

Did I say anything disgraces christianity ?No I respesct christians and christianity,and I glorify THE PROPHET Jesus PBUH

and that's why my aim was to defend him from the lies and disgression on his name,I love him as all prophets,and I love all humanbeings and I see that it's the duty of any humanbeing to show his brother the right way,even if you will say bad things about me,I'll not take offence,because I love you all as I love the one Aallah of this existance.

This is what Jesus came for,to show us that there is only one god to worship from all the humanity for not to make wars like nowadays for different religions and racism

There is no difference between black and white,or Arabian or escandanavian or chinese only with FAITH,so Faith be faithfull to Jesus as he was faithfull in his message

12:08 AM Jul 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

how funny whats logical

12:26 AM Jul 29 2010 |



Do you had read a Apocaylipsa book… That is book of Bibille who wrot a Givoani favorite discipulic of Jesus. And this book said; In and of the days Jesus will cam in his glory, and evry one who belive in him it will be rescue.. Musliman, you have chance to belive in Jesus covert youor self because it will be a late. 

Your since is not forgiven, you will be die in your since.

I love you all my brothers because I want you all in heaven. 

You need belive in JESUS CHRIST IS ONLY AND ONE GOD; WHO AR BECOME A MAN; (FATHER=ALLAH; HOLY SPIRIT= ALLAH; JESUS= ALLAH) THAT is only one not thrid! GOD is allmighty and he can evry thing,  

08:55 AM Jul 29 2010 |



we believe that jesus(puh) one of the greatest prophets of god

and we believe that he'll come in the end of this world to lead muslims and will kill the feak massiyah and he'll pray behind the mahdi.

now if u have answer for my question u should tell us

why didn't god tell other prophets about trinity specially moses(puh)? why first part of bibile (the old tastment)empty from any word refer to trinity?


11:33 AM Jul 29 2010 |