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Is it ok for an old guy to date a young girl?




All over the world we see older guys dating younger girls.  What is a normal limit?  Is it ok for a 45 year old guy to date a 25 year old girl if they are both happy?  Should age matter?  Why?

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04:30 PM Aug 07 2010 |

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Welcome Everyone!

Asking for the question I think that it is no problem, if they fall in love with each other. But there is a problem which connected this question. I am a young girl. And when I am walking on the street, men (about 50) look at me and maybe think about sex and I see on his face he think about it. It is unbelievable. And an other case; I had a music teacher about 50-60 years old. He is really extrovert with me and said me I have really really nice ass. and I am really pretty and….etc. It was disgusting. I can't believe that he can imagine that I am his girlfriend…DISGUSTING!I am sorry for men about fifteen but a cute girl don't want a man who is this type of men.Thanks.

07:13 PM Aug 07 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

as saudi girls around me 

they prefer to marry old men than young !

some them coz they want more money coz u know usually old men have enough money lol also old men as girls said can deal with them better than young

but about me

I prefer a young man  to be close in idea and age 

take care :)  

03:36 AM Aug 08 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I though u would say men at age 60 …. think 45 old for men can equal 30 old for women. Think it is normal specially in our time as people r more open and educated in this matters.

03:39 AM Aug 08 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I think old guy maybe 50 to60 .

and however if his lover old enough no matter with that .

06:16 AM Aug 08 2010 |



Hong Kong

I think if they are both happy,nothing matters…

08:24 AM Aug 13 2010 |



I agree in part. Old guys who don't know any better try to go after girls half their age. I actually saw a guy at the beach when I was in my 20s doing that. I VOWEd to never end up like that. Then I hit my 40s and at different times was asked out by girls much younger than me (in one case 18 years). I found out that age is mmostly just a number, and the woem who asked me out were interested in me and my personality traits, not my age.

 That being said, the rule of thumb is that you shouldn't date anyone who is not at least half your age plus 7 years. So if you're 46, you shouldn't date anyone under 30.

12:15 AM Sep 04 2010 |