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Life Talk!


Angelina Ballerina


Hey, everyone! We ll talk about the feeling that has thousands of definitions… Write about ur love experience. or just about it. Does love really exist?Cus i sometimes doubt about that…

for instance:

How do u manage to forget someone who u still like but he doesn t feel the same any more…


07:27 PM Aug 10 2010 |

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  Knowing what love is implies to pass trough several stages:

1. Not giving a damn  about love, 

2.Falling in love for first time .

3.Getting rejected by that special person who was supposed to be your soulmate.

4.Feeling happy  because you realise life is  too important to waste your time waiting for someone. it is like going back in time when you were at first stage.

Perhaps, you are still young ,  so you have to go through those stages . However, that is not bad at all, on the contrary,  You wilhance to ml have a meet someone who really cares of you , who really loves you..and that's great..

09:05 PM Aug 25 2010 |