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French Southern Territories

Last night,my little brother told me there was a great movie that I would like watch with him,and I agreed,It was an action movie,and he was so excited,and I asked him why you're so excited,and his answer was "I'm sure there will be so much guns and shots in this movie"

I stood in wonder,how could a little boy be such violent ?

I think most of nowadays movies are conveying a bad message,they teach how to kill,how to foght,how to cheat,how to do sex under the title of "it's just an amusement"...in a time when the world is getting darker and darker from wars.

Is this what we should teach our future generation ?

06:20 PM Aug 15 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

I do not like horror movies   But   only holywood  is produced horror movies?              There are many adult  people  who like so  much  horror movies But they are not e bad    Maybe, yes, horror movies have an impact on children      However, only horror movies?     how  about    cartoons?  Man jumps over the house and fly      and  when he  fall dowan, he doesnt hurt  and seems ok   When I was a kid I was thinking of flying and jumping       from our house

06:55 PM Aug 15 2010 |



United States

We have different kinds of movies made for different audiences.  Action films are made mostly for men, young and old.  The Hollywood movie ratings (made by the MPAA) encourage more violence and less sexual content.

I saw a PG-13 movie (rated for teenagers) in which someone's arm was chopped off and they ran around screaming afterwards with no arm.  I felt that was very shocking.  But if they use the F-word or show breasts or intercourse (under a sheet) the movie must be rated R.

There is a belief among our soldiers that watching so many violent movies makes our young men better at being soldiers, more willing to pull the trigger and to face scary things and do what is necessary on the battlefield.  Some professors and teachers believe that much of the violence among America's poor has to do with watching so many violent movies and television, and having no way to act out the violence they see except against each other.

The real control over Hollywood movies is the people who finance the movie, or loan the money so that the movie is made.  This is why so many Hollywood movies seem the same; the people who loan the money are bankers, who want to make money instead of make a good movie, so they think that if there are enough guns and explosions, it will sell even if it is not so good. 

08:29 PM Aug 15 2010 |




I agree with you,the financers are most part of the problem,nowadays,ppl like to see strange and curious things,that's why they're so much affected with such type of movies,in the other hand I watched many movies which show some historical facts or even for amusement or comedy but wihtout such a high rate of violence and immorality

 That's right,when somebody watches such violent scenes,he becomes affected in a way that if he sees it in reality as in wars shown on TV he would not be touched so much because his sense is a sif it's sedated

And some other movies are purely for political purposes and propoganda

05:10 AM Aug 16 2010 |




Yes,even cartoons are affecting too much on children

Me personally I like watching Tom and Jerry,but they cotain or let's say they are full of violence,that the child could learn unconsciously.

In my opinion nowadays most if we don't say every TV programe is made for some hidden purposes further than only amusement

05:18 AM Aug 16 2010 |



in general its media effects , but at the end its up to u gat the options & u gat to guide the kidz wot to watch in a right way !!

11:06 AM Aug 16 2010 |