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3 Top Countries For the Future




Hey guys,

This is just a guess from what I understand, or think I understand about the world.  I'm going to pick my top 5 countries in terms of economic success for the next 10 years.   I'd love to hear your opinions. (Don't be angry if I don't pick your country"

1.  CHINA – They just became the world's second largest economy in the world.  It was in the news yesterday.  The people are hard working and want the country to get better.  The government is doing a good job, even though a lot of western media doesn't agree.  They will be the world's number 1 economy in the future.

2.  Japan – Japan has been slow to grow for a long time.  They are close to China and their relationship is getting better.  They should be good trading partners.  Many Chinese people love buying Japanese stuff and this will help Japan's economy.  I believe their relationship will keep getting better. (I think something similar will happen with Korea)

3.  Brazil – Brazil has a lot of natural resources and the world needs a lot of these.  They have had their problems in the past but I think they will figure it out soon. I think Brazil hasn't even started yet and will grow like crazy in the next 10 years.

I'd love to hear your opinions. 

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11:41 AM Aug 17 2010 |

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oh well i have no idea about economic & stuffs about it , but i'll try & i'll gave ashoot on  my sight for the 3 future top countries :Japan Iran & EAU .

12:11 PM Aug 17 2010 |



i hope their end wont be so brutal…

04:02 PM Aug 17 2010 |




I won't give three, but more.

China, India, Japan, USA, European Union, Brazil, UAE 

06:56 PM Aug 17 2010 |



since when is EU a country?

10:28 PM Aug 17 2010 |




It's not a country, but it is a single market

01:06 AM Aug 18 2010 |




yes I agree whit you brazil is a big country that soon can show us how can grew up .

01:13 AM Aug 18 2010 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates


I can agree with you in India, but doubt in UAE..

08:27 AM Aug 18 2010 |




i agree with you lolita_lem picka the 3 future top countries are Japan , Iran , EAU


08:57 AM Aug 18 2010 |




Lovely Fabian,

I don't know exactly what is the situation of the UAE since I have never been there, I am only telling what I have read and listened, but as you live there, you must have much more information and probably you are right. 

05:02 PM Aug 18 2010 |



United States

In 10 years?  No way anyone catches the USA in that time, so we are still #1.  In 25 years, 50 years, this question becomes harder to answer.  


People have been calling Brazil "the sleeping superpower" for years, but they seem to be picking things up.  So why not them. 


China is due for some big problems, but they are far richer and more integrated into the world economy than India, so I think they will continue to play an important role.  

05:22 PM Aug 18 2010 |