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you know there is a big flood disaster in pakistan.2000 peole dead and nearly 20 million peole lost theirs houses and foods..ı invite all friends to help them

06:57 PM Aug 27 2010 |

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Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

thanks alot brother for this topic

we should stand by their side…they need us …Islam ask muslimus people to stand by each other

alhamdullah their are countries start to help them like KSA, Kuwait and United arab Emirates…...

UAE citizen donate to Pakistani people and also send red cresent to help  them

we should ask Allah to help them ….they need our supplicate


08:24 PM Aug 27 2010 |




The situation in Pakistan is terrible :( 

We all have to help them as we did with Haiti, Chile, etc.

It's not about bring muslim or not, it is about being a human being. We are the same, we have to help ourselves.. 

03:03 AM Aug 28 2010 |




Yeh.. Pakistan really needs help . Indian Govt's help of 5 Million $ is extremely small, but never the less it is a step in the right direction. 

India has been hit with flooding as well, fortunately  India today has the financial capability to take care of the destruction. 


It's not about bring muslim or not, it is about being a human being. We are the same, we have to help ourselves.. 

well said … ditto that…. 

06:25 AM Aug 28 2010 |



United Kingdom

the world shows no interest to Pakistane, to help it, we all knows how they helped other nations, but when it goes to Islamic lands, they show little care.


The world is tired of Pakistan.

Every natural disaster, the USA as well at the rest of the West has sent massive amounts of aid there.

In return they get hatred and terrorism. 


Why does it seem to me that nothing good ever comes out of Pakistan?

03:54 AM Aug 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia


yah but not always and not this time  

Saudi Arabia becomes largest Pakistan flood relief donor



and there's video there  





rather than the goverment

we should give them from our own money

they need us they need our help and our pray during Ramadan 

04:12 AM Aug 29 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

s not good  to gudge  in all people  just because thiere bad people     There are children in need to take the medication     And an environment where the disease may spread      The situation is very difficult    sure, there are terrorists   But the issue of terrorists must find a solution    There should be on the Supervisor of Health   Supervisors of food aid 

04:13 AM Aug 29 2010 |

Gucci Yeung


"It's not about bring muslim or not, it is about being a human being. We are the same, we have to help ourselves.." That's totally right. I got news about the flood from TV these day, knowing that Pakistan is suffering a serious natural disaster. I don't like pretending to be very kind hearted, but every time I see the children and the terrible situation there, I feel guilty that I can't give a helping hand. I remember in 2008 when we were suffering an earthquake in Wenchuan, Pakistan tried their best to help. Thank you, Pakistani people. Now I can do nothing but pray for you. Hope you can overcome the disaster soon.

05:03 PM Aug 30 2010 |



United States

The USA is leading relief efforts in both money and material, which is good.  The UK, KSA, Norway, and Denmark are also notable contributors.  The response has been too slow, though. 


Unfortunately the pain for Pakistan is only starting.  The crops for next year have been decimated.  The rains have also not ended; they seem to be preparing for more.  The affected regions are huge, not well-administrated and difficult to get to.  Some Taliban groups have also threatened (and maybe already done so, from what I have heard) to attack and/or kill foreign aide workers.  Infrastructure is ravaged.   


Hope for the best

01:41 AM Aug 31 2010 |



Im sad for what happened.Last year we suffered from flood as well, thousands of people were died and millions of infrastracture was destroyed.

01:46 AM Aug 31 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

:( my prayers 4 them.

04:50 AM Aug 31 2010 |