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Life Talk!

The US $ VS your country's Currency!




In Somalia the change of 1 US $ to Somali shilling is 32,000 Somali Shillings.

You can buy by a single US $ for:

1- 15 cups of tea

2- 15 peaces of egg

3- Half Kg of Meat

4- 30-50 pcs of Banana

5- 1 Kg of Fish

6- a pair of plastic shoes

7- a live chicken

8- 1 semicard for a mobile phone

9- a bus fare for 30 Km distance

10- 10 pcs of ice cream

11-  1.5 kg of rice

12- 1.5 kg of flour

13- 2 pcs of CD

14- 1 kg of sugar

15- 2 text books/pages.

More and more, what about your currency?

11:41 AM Sep 22 2010 |

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Just 2 cans of pepsi in somalia.

01:33 PM Sep 22 2010 |




1$ =  45 Indian Rupee symbol.svg (Indian Rupee) buys  - 

 9 cups of tea

 15 pieces of eggs

 1.5 Liters of Pepsi/Coke 

 30 of Banana

 1 sim card for a mobile phone with 30Rs Talk time

 a bus fare for 80 Km distance

 5 Scoops of ice cream

  2.5 kg of rice

 7 blank CDs

 3.5 kg of sugar

 1 Bottle of Beer

 2 Shawram(Chicken) 

 1/2 Chicken Tandoori

 Break fast/lunch/dinner for  three

02:36 PM Sep 22 2010 |




Break fast/lunch/dinner for two in Somalia.
Too cheap things in India,you are lucky, but how is the daily income for the poor and rich?
In Somalia 1$ and above for the poor and thousands for the rich.

05:31 PM Sep 22 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha



According to the DOF:

Dollar today is: 12.7623

Prices in México:

1 bread $4.00 mexican pesos = Moneda Nacional = M.N.

1 kg apples $20.00 M.N.

1 kg. bananas $9.00 M.N.

1 Lt. milk $12.00 M.N.

1 kg. eggs $20.00 M.N.

07:09 PM Sep 22 2010 |



United States

You can get a 20 minute phone call (and they say advertising doesn't work) for a dollar.


Or a double cheeseburger.  Or two tacos.  

01:59 AM Sep 23 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif


One US$ can  buy,

2 cans of pepsi.

2 Shawarma sandwitches.

One Rothman.

Darn, I ran out of stuff to buy.

05:57 AM Sep 23 2010 |



1 US dollar=44 pesos

can buy 1 jollibee burger without softdrinks

01:35 PM Sep 23 2010 |




Too cheap things in India,you are lucky, but how is the daily income for the poor and rich?

Humm.. Some things are cheap but other things are not. A liter of Petrol costs 60 INR =1.33 $ , Average house rent per month is over 100$ 

Per capita income is around 250$ per month. So people spend most of their income on Petrol and Accommodation .

Poor- rich thing is very difficult to calculate in India 

25% of Indians live below 1$ per day line , Majority of them being farmers and Agricultural Laborers . Again none of the 1$ is spent on Food, because either they grow it or get it as part of their employment. 

Poverty differs from state to state. Some states have as high as 50% BPL , some have 2.5% . 

However there are 54 Billionaire in India , almost all of them made it from scratch(Not from Royal birth or  from Petroleum).

One interesting example being –  

My father runs a small Business , where he employs 1 or 2 People . A person who had joined newly, was getting 2000Rs(45$) per month . One would think he is poor. But actually he is a Crorepati(Millionaire). He stands to inherit  30×40 plots in the business district of the city, average cost being 2 Crores (Half a million $) . Since he was not educated, he was getting just 45$ per month . 

I have seen many such cases. I have seen cases where in People take "Low Income Certificates" to get rebates in Children education and during buying of land .  

File:BPL Data GOI.png 

02:47 PM Sep 23 2010 |




Any one else! because we need every national from every country in the world to share this importand topic.

12:02 PM Sep 27 2010 |



United States

In China a US dollar is roughly equal to 6.72 RMB


If I recall correctly, that can buy:


A bootleg street DVD (f course I only buy legal ones): 5-10 RMB per disc, usually on the lower side.


A Burger King junior hamburger in Shanghai: 6


2 500Ml bottles of coke

3 Cheap beers (Yanjing, ex)

Ma la Tang – a big bowl of soup with noodles and stuff

2 sticks of fried tofu balls

3-4 chickens plucked and cleaned

In a small city, it gets you the first 2 or 3 km in a taxi.

Milk Tea with pearls and maybe some cool flavor

2 clay cup yogurts.

6 Chinese egg-ham-bread-sauce breakfast things

A big thing of water or ice tea.

02:43 AM Sep 29 2010 |