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Life Talk!

whats ur dreams??




whats your dream ? what you want to become in futur? where you want to live and work?

02:54 PM Sep 25 2010 |

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hey! best of luck!

07:13 PM Oct 01 2010 |



Natalia you are  realist  being far from family is something that stop alot of persons and I dont blame them because it is hard family is my support, I have reached a couple of dreams I had but as life goes on I now have new dreams My dream now is stablish my family and have fun with them, be succesful in work for the rest of my life,  simple things but very important :D. 

07:22 PM Oct 01 2010 |



I am 25 yrs old and I charge to reside my activity according to Human rights. pass4sure 70-431 I decidedly beggarly no agriculture to my homosexual desires. pass4sure 70-632 I am still abstinent and I apperceive I cannot change, but control myself. My dream is to accomplish my own decisions in the future, pass4sure 70-452 and not be controlled.

01:24 PM Jan 07 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Oh, all I want to say is that I wish all my dreams come true, Like some of my friends say: Inshallah :)

11:40 AM Jan 08 2011 |