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I wanna improve my English, would you become my friend?

Siren Ray

Siren Ray


I found this website accidentally today.

OK. My name is Siren, I'm from China, a historical country. I want to make friends with you. Would you like become my friends and help me with my English?

05:29 PM Jul 05 2007 |

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Siren Ray

Siren Ray


just j.j , Thx for you comment. But I also don't know why your name is written in black ink…and because of this , I couldn't add you as my friend.But I'v send an mail to you .Smile

07:37 AM Aug 29 2007 |

just j.j


Hi siren, thanks, av recevied ur mail and av added u as  of my friend so wts up how is study.

08:54 AM Aug 29 2007 |




hello everybody?

i wanna love anyone

01:41 PM Aug 29 2007 |




02:16 AM Aug 30 2007 |

Siren Ray

Siren Ray


Hi, Aya. I have added you on my MSN.

Hope I had time talking with you later.

 But Today I have to go back to school…See you later.

04:04 AM Aug 30 2007 |