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Religious tolerance (all are invited)



Hello and welcom on this particular thread.

Why it is particular ?

It is such because it is a mere attempt to fasten the broken chain of religious Tolerence which seemed particularly here in Ebaby by several disputs and misunderstandings and even quarrels that resulted to vasten the hole between religion which supposed to reveal inorder to gather the whole world under the concept of one Allah=God=Dieu…it doesn't matter the name,but the essential is the meaning,the meaning of God is PEACE LOVE AND RESPECT.

It's quite a bit obvious rather than ambigued the fact that the world today is in a great need to rise the spiritual side of the humanbeings because it is the more pure side,and encorporate the efforts for a better peaceful world,with a real intelectual individuals who are really aware of the conspiracy which is being led against religions and tolerance from hidden sides that the only thing they care about is thier funds and benefits,check this link please:


Thus,I send from here a message to every free rightuous soul,to participate with us in this thread in evolving the Tolerance conception rather than racism and descrimination…at least Here in EBABY website :)


Every comment that will attempt to abuse or offend ANY of the beliefs or religions here,or out of turn,will emediately be deleted by reporting it as abuse,and I hope EBABY admin will help us in rising this message.

Thanks to all,and let's show some real love and tolerance :)

02:16 PM Oct 06 2010 |

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I accept the others and respect them as long as they respect me,my poeple and my religion!!!!!!

02:53 PM Oct 06 2010 |



May Allah 's peace and  blessings be upon all of you  dear sisters and brothers

Brother Hossam thanks a lot and my Allah bless and reward you for  the opportunity you are giving us to  be more tolerant

 I have already said  in my last topic that  we are all humans  regardless to our religions .

Not Muhammad nor Jesus peace be upon them would be happy to see us disputing

I think  we  believe in ONE GOD  , so are sisters and brothers in the faith

It's high time for us to start thinking and living out of the box  , to expand our boundries , to learn more about others and about ourselves .

It takes  all sorts to make a world

We've just to accept others however  differnent  of ours their religious beliefs and practices   may be .

Islam teaches  us that  there is no compulsion in term of religion 

I want to ask you a question  , those who were saying that Muslims are terrorists , have you ever been mistreated by a Muslim …Hossam is a very good example of a true Muslim , in many of  his posts he  bears others' insults and try to respond  respectfully .


Congratulations  brother Hossam 

Peace and love to all 

03:05 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Hey :) cheers for you thanks for participating :)

Well what I say to others who did not participate yet,"don't you feel jealous that Muslims preceded you in Religion Tolerance ?! ;) " JOKING OF COURSE

Hope to see some comments from christian brothers or sisters or even jews,just say something good for all :)

03:46 PM Oct 06 2010 |



French Southern Territories

Peace for All,Peace for ever,Peace and tolerance for is the best means to live in harmony in anywhere or anytime :)

04:23 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Wow !!! here we have a beautiful example of christians :)

Thanks for the comment Dancin,I've been always respecting you,and now my respect and love has just grown up :)



08:19 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Ok see christians ?! this is real christianity ;) where are the others ?! till now Muslims are advanced and without even counting my self (Muslims 3_1 christians)

Well Dancin you have the right to INVITE others you can do that ;) this is a gift from me ;D 

08:23 PM Oct 06 2010 |




08:25 PM Oct 06 2010 |



Hey see this beautiful story which is a fact in all humanbeings :)

Someone says "I went to a wise oldman to ask him about somethin has been confusing me for long"

So he asked me"what do u want to ask for ?"

I said "Wwhat's the most amazing thin on humanbeings ?"

He answered "Humanbeings get bored of childhood so they want to grow up,and when they grow up they just wish to go back to childhood"

"They waste their health to gain money,then they waste their money to get back their heath"

"They think of the future and forget the present,so they don't leave neither the future,nor their present"

"They live as if they will never die,and they die as if they've never lived"

09:00 PM Oct 06 2010 |



After Moments of silence I asked again…

"What are lessons of life that humanbeings have to learn ?"

Aand he answered "It is to learn that they can't make others love them,but they can make them selves lovely"

"To learn to never compare them selves to others"

"To learn Tolerance and compassion"

"To learn that it might take only few minutes to hurt somebody,but it might take years to heal him"

"To learn that the richest human is not who earns more,but it is who needs less"

"To learn that there are people who really love them,but they don't find the way to express their love"

"To learn that two person look at the same thing but they might see it differently"

"To learn that it not enough for somebody to forgive the other,but he needs to forgive him self as well"

Beautiful things right :)

09:09 PM Oct 06 2010 |





12:03 AM Oct 07 2010 |