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Life Talk!

same sex relationship




do you agree or not?

03:46 AM Jul 07 2007 |

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kanaobi when i saw ur profile that u r from Indonessia,i thaught that u r muslim as the majority there…so,i wonder how a muslim don't know that our God forbade such relations.that 's all.im not so interested by pple's faith.

i know that same sex relationships pple r normal pple in their whole life but crazy only when they do sex with same gender..

From ur writing kanaobi,i think that u believe all things r legal on this earth nd i feel that it is a condition that I must accept homosexual relationships.I said b4, if u have sensivity from my first post,i'll change it by saying "im not agree about these relationships" only bcoz i think my word" crazy" may  hurt some pple here nd especially the leader dany lary …so,im very sorry 4 those pple.but i'll never change my idea.

danny lary yeah there is very small rate of homosexual relationships here in my country.u know that the good nd the bad is everywhere..thx 4 ur previous links but i did'nt see them 4 i know who i'm nd such links can't change anything.just  i wish good luck to the Iranian president about what i heared from u dany.

    Now,i don't know why u only,always don't get my mind!! yeah bcozi my bad english but i think the real reason that makes u always missunderstanding my ideas is the fact that u r the most closed mind on this website.u always mentioned this word in ur replies!!!        psss..normal pple r a looooot but crazy pple r very few,so,it's u who have to wait nd know them..

                           u too dany lary don't reply me here.  lol

     Dear hakimi,now i have to take ur advise by leaving this topic.

 ohhh yes b4,I WISH ALL THE BEEEST for all homosexual pple on this website.follow ur minds n u'll never bother me and all the  other normal person 4 sure. :))

                                                              Kiss Good byyyyyye Tongue out

04:06 PM Oct 02 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Lind@ : I guess you are half right according of my result belowLaughing


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Sorry I couldn't resist and read your answer  and write mine here. I will slap myself now Laughing

08:53 AM Oct 03 2007 |




I think we have to love people of opposite sex, because God have made us such and the proof are the childrens we have as a resalt of LoveSmile

But in every situation yuo have to be yourself 


12:50 AM Oct 17 2007 |




Progression tell me if u could replace your beautiful girlfriend in the pic by a boyfriend??  awful,isn't it??


Homosexual behavior occurs among animals other than humans, especially among social animals…. by scientists,not me..hehe

now i want to say that this relationship is just a behavior-->


05:02 PM Oct 17 2007 |



i think the same sex relationship is also from the heart ,and they have the right to choose their lovers ,same gender or different gender,that is the personal thing!existance is rational!

05:03 AM Oct 19 2007 |




If homosexual impulses are not inherited, what kinds of influences do cause strong homosexual desires?

12:12 AM Oct 20 2007 |




ok,these are some of the strong causes that leads to homosexual sex:

 1.a dominant, possessive, or rejecting mother

2.an absent, distant, or rejecting father

3.a parent with homosexual proclivities, particularly one who molests a child of the same sex

4.a sibling with homosexual tendencies, particularly one who molests a brother or sister

5.the lack of a religious home environment…..and more.

    If we defeate such causes,it would be no place to homosexual sex…

12:18 AM Oct 20 2007 |




. (final point) Wink

12:20 AM Oct 20 2007 |



in terms of sexual cnnections NO

in terms otherways of life YESSS

02:33 AM Oct 20 2007 |



Homosexuality is a perversion created by all those so called religious societis who condem sex.It is a natural process of nature…when we try to cultivate it in our desired way,it creates problem.When we try to check the supply of natural process….problem occours…I imagine it should have it’s roots in marriage…..no human is made for one partner but we have created rules regarding it may be good….but even ….medicine had it’s side effects….

02:15 AM Oct 22 2007 |