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Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi dear friends, i have question that much time make me mixed up.

in west or east world, virginity is important?

for example in Iran,young men get married with virgin girls not with the girls that lost their virginity.Is virginity important for men in other part of the world?

because i have heard that girls lose their virginity with their boy friends in low ages for example 15 or 16 or 17.

one time i have chatted with american girl who is 16,but she had experience in S E X, she told me that it's normal there that girls have S * with our boy friends.will her husband accept her because of her several S * relationship with other guys???

08:45 PM Oct 17 2010 |

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i agree with you that in the Islam culture for men  virginity is for marriage very important,and in our western world are most women are not virgin when they get married.maybe it was 100 years ago  important to be a virgin…

what i don't understand, when for Muslim men virginity is so important why need some of the men in your culture whores?....and whores are not virgin….here i found an example in your country.



20 minutes of heaven?

10:15 PM Oct 17 2010 |



United States

VIRGINITY in 2010 xD

02:23 AM Oct 18 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Isalm says:

whatever you like for your self, like for other people!

So if one man want to marry virgin girl, he must be virgin!



03:26 AM Oct 18 2010 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

This topic will again and again lead to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

06:33 AM Oct 18 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi dear friends, thx for ur interesting answers.to answer dear spontan,there are whores in all countries even Islamic ones,I think they need  money because all whores in Islamic countries are poor and they need to get money from rich guys to have better life.

but I think in western countries ,they do it most for lust.

when I read ur valuable comments,I understood that men are not zealous to their women.for example in iran, if a person wants to make friend with a girl and the girl's brother or father see that guy,they fight him.it's the same in West Countries?

parents are sensetive to their sons and daughters? for example  17 years old girl can have S* with his boy friend with her parents agreement ??their parents agree and the y are  relax when they understand that their girl had sex? or they fight and blame her to have it or they encourage her?

one time i have asked American girl,she told me that all girls try to hide it.

Do you think to hide it from parents is useful or useless???

07:04 AM Oct 18 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dera Bitten by an Arab bug, why nasty debate? we respect all religion and all people ,all people are respectful and I personally respect all people over the world.

07:28 AM Oct 18 2010 |




Ali Sadeghi,a girl in our culture protect her virginity by her own, a father a brother can help her when someone is rude to her….but when a daughter or a sister found her love you can do nothing as father or as brother….in our society is all mixed from kindergarten till university…..the time has changed a lot when i travelled through Europe  youth hostel had male sleeping rooms and female sleeping rooms….now visited my daughter with her girlfriend on a journey a youth-hostel in the City Munich…they slept in a mixed sleeping room…i asked her about sexual feelings in the night….she smiled and told me first it smelled in the room and the boys snored…it was only a place for sleeping nothing more.

in the catholic region Bavaria Germany it was in the past forbidden that boys met her love before marriage,but the Bavarian boys have no patience so they used countryside the ladder to come to the beloved…once i asked a farmer in Bavaria who had 3 pretty girls ,have you locked your ladder good….he laughed and told me that nowadays the boyfriends come through the front door by daylight.

here a way in the Bavarian pastSmile

12:03 PM Oct 18 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

THX Spontan and Bitten

12:10 PM Oct 18 2010 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

With these explanations, You yourself perfer to have virgin spouse ? plz select one.why do you select it?


2-not important


12:14 PM Oct 18 2010 |




Embarassed  as a young teenage boy i was to shy to make sexual expierence,girls get in the same age two years earlier adult in mind and body…i have never searched for a virgin, i have searched for my real love maybe was my level for my dream love very high but virginity was not important for me…. i waited longer then other boys with my first sexual expierence… so it came that i  never had sexual expierence with a virgin in my life… most people in our culture don't marry the first sexual love….by the way,to find a 19 year old virgin in our culture is nearly impossible. 

 don't be worry Ali sadeghi i found my love and i live with her since 30 years together.

05:15 PM Oct 18 2010 |