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i can't live without music...


Hong Kong

um..i have a question

i love listening to music anytime anywhere, i think music becomes my drug, it totally makes me lose my control. What can i do? Can music act as a drug? 

What do you guys think of this?

05:34 PM Nov 06 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

Music is not a waste of time
We need and  our body to music if

its the same  that  u Suffering  when you are not 

  You can waste your time by  selecting    book  wacky or fool

05:13 PM Nov 09 2010 |


Hong Kong


thx for your advise. To be honest, past love experience affected my life, i think i will never fall in love again till im ready, i mean true love. yup, u got a point, i feel lonely but i don't fear lonely

Ryo :

wacky or fool haha, i think no one is wrong, no one is right, but i sometimes tend to listen to music  and read book together. I think the root function of music is for us to relief right?


yup I see that people can learn from books too, im one of them, but it is a bit boring sometimes if we only read a book. Both are good for us, it's all depend~



03:27 AM Nov 10 2010 |



Only love yourself !

04:05 PM Nov 10 2010 |



Saudi Arabia



Where he said that the music lost time



I think that the music in the body of all human being

 lts   moving  and running in our body t 

Every human being needs to Music



Of course, book

is  good

 NEW  BOOk  is good  one 

 and be within your interest  

if  we  are not interst in them then its  waste time

as  there many  kind  of book




i think  there  also fool book  as  my classified 

05:18 AM Nov 11 2010 |