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Life Talk!

Android Mobile phone...




Does any one here own an Android Phone ? ..

How is the user experience.. would you recommend others to buy one?  

I am Planning to by Samsung Galaxy i5801… It looks good…


03:28 PM Nov 10 2010 |

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United Kingdom

I don't have one, but I have heard good reviews about them.  From what I can gather the battery life can be a bit short – but they are totally cool!


Ben Laughing

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09:59 AM Nov 11 2010 |



htc legend… it is ok… now you can buy netbooks with android too

06:27 PM Nov 12 2010 |



United States

i have a droid (milestone to you nonamericans).  i like it.  but be prepared to be annoyed with learning a new OS.  i came from windows mobile, which seemed to do certain things better (it has a taskmanager).  it seems to be more stable, also.

over all though, if you use google for organizing yourself, it's pretty great.  

get a 1ghz snapdragon or better processor. 

10:39 AM Nov 13 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


I use everyday an awful telephone that the company gives to me.

And i must use it as my duty.

I cant use or carry my personal telephone number during all day. If ppl at my office realize i have one, they could call me even during dawn!!



06:27 PM Nov 16 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


heeeeeeeey today they gave me a new nice phone!!Laughing



07:58 PM Nov 17 2010 |





HTC Legend and droid are good phones…  but out of my budget. 

In India there is no Phone Contracting system. we have to give the full charge..  

Nicete Ha…


02:08 PM Nov 20 2010 |