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Life Talk!

i need some one who can help me

julian mosquera


i want to met british people for practicing my english and also for helping me with my english works i need british english speakers!!

01:27 AM Dec 03 2010 |

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Don't worry , suggest you can buy book of English , add word to your note , I think it is a fast way, hope can help you . Trust you ; You can make it .

03:08 AM Dec 03 2010 |

Carlos Eli

Costa Rica

Hey dude

 If U wanna learn english just practice no matter if they are from Costa Rica like me,the key of the success is practice remenber that.

Cool cool

05:12 PM Dec 06 2010 |



United Kingdom

I agree with Carlos.  Practice makes perfect!!  Keep trying. 

I'm from Britain and would love to help you with your English.


my forum


03:05 PM Dec 07 2010 |



United States

yh man guys let make a deal u teach me spanish i teach u english

03:04 PM Dec 12 2010 |



hi all,

my name is janset ..need some one who is english native speeker to talk with

o that i can improve my english …

pleease help .



07:25 PM Mar 28 2012 |