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Knowledge = Weapons??


Hong Kong

hey guys

do you guys think knowledge is weapons?

to me, i think in this complicated world, knowledge is very important to all of us. Knowing how to think, Knowing how to read make me powerful.  Just imagine, the brain, the mind is like a muscle. If i want it to be more powerful, i will learn a new thing, each new idea establish another muscle, and it will make me more and more strong

 haha,, i just wanna share with you guys, because i've been thinking about this kinda stupid topic. Just tell me your point of views

02:54 PM Dec 06 2010 |

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United Arab Emirates

Hahah loved your way of thinking:) I’ll just now learn spanish language and it will add more power to my mind:)
I think your kinda right because it keeps your brain working and busy..
But I would go for powering myself such as career, education and so on.
I will not think of the scientific sides like muscles:)
Learning everyday is such an amazing thing but as for me I think there is a stage a person can not receive or accept anything, not beacuse he/she is fully perfect, none is of course. But your kinda get bored and tired of learning..
It depends maybe on the way of learning the new staff I mean it doesn’t have to be school or anything academic, maybe an adventure trip, I don’t know something like that:) omg I’m going too far from the topic! Lol

03:21 PM Dec 06 2010 |


Hong Kong

amazing thing! yup, tell me about it. ^^ when i learn a new thing, i feel excited, especially i spent a lot of time to learn it, i feel a sense of satisfaction. And when using the things i learn, i will feel more confident~

03:42 PM Dec 06 2010 |



hi my friend ; I think knowledge=weapons , The Weapons can help you success ,

In modernize ; If you not rich family can help you , you must use knowledge

Even society is cruel but  knowledge is you fight weapons 

03:26 AM Dec 07 2010 |


Hong Kong


yes,,you're totally right,, opportunity is also important for all of us.  In my mind, i always have a question '' capture it or let it slip?'' To be honest, i missed some kinda opportunity long time ago,,i regretted…but form now i look back i should keep moving forward. I dont know what gonna happen in the future, but at least i know what im doing right now. Although many people make a stupid decision everyday, i think they all will back on the right track someday. 

Anyway, ''opportunity is always given to the people who prepared''Cool


04:11 PM Dec 07 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

brain not  muscle

its   about   

Neurons Nerve cells Which interact with each other in information processing  

10:37 PM Dec 08 2010 |




Yep very true.. The first Knowledge acquired by humans was that of fire. They used it as weapons against wild animals. 

04:33 PM Dec 09 2010 |




yes , knowledge can be a  wappon….see the us embassy cablegates -wikileaks




03:44 PM Dec 17 2010 |