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Life Talk!

Make a wish for Santa Clauss :D

Whitney S

Whitney S


What would you like to ask to Santa Clauss for christmas? 

06:18 AM Dec 11 2010 |

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if I write what I wish here, will it be considered as an oficial request to Santa? I mean,will that count? yes? ok then,dear Santa, will you please be so kind and bring me that diamond set I saw in a shop window, please, I really need it,otherwise I will tell my child you don't exist! I dont mean to threaten,just to make sure,just in case.:)



10:00 PM Dec 12 2010 |

Carlos Eli

Costa Rica

hey guys

 so sorry for the truth,but Santa Claus doesn´t exist it is just a poor history of some ppl.

Sorry Guys…the GrinchCry 

Good wishes

01:07 AM Dec 13 2010 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

The Grinch..

Santa does exist in each one of us.. Whatever help you extend and whatever you give, however big or small to your brother and sister, these will all make you a Santa for a day..

Santa will never be a history for as long as we keep on loving one another..

Merry Christmas to you!Laughing


05:20 AM Dec 13 2010 |



United States

wanna mutual love :D but , Whit, is it really in hands of Santa) i mostly believe in destiny) 

02:49 PM Dec 13 2010 |



I would like a new car… and I wish people were less material….

 Hahahahaha! Money mouth

07:35 PM Dec 13 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Kokoboko, I sincerely hope your dream come true.

And I believe that if it is not in hands of Santa, it will be in your hands, it will happen if you keep the faith that your dad will be healthy. And I believe he will :) 

09:13 AM Dec 14 2010 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

I don't think that laptop will fit inside the Christmas sock that I will be hanging.. Neither does a new lover will fit in, too.. So, I just wish Santa grants Irene's Dad good health..

06:00 PM Dec 15 2010 |




Dear Santa Clauss:D

Here is my list of wishes for this year::

1-XBOX 360..

2-PS3 ..

3-My own plane>>to travel around this world…xD


5-moving to a new high school..

6- Cinderella's shoes..:P

7- new laptop..

8- All super junior albums..

9- new hairstyle…xD

10-My friends and me be friends forever after…

lol that's all…I'm not going to ask you more…

And because i'm soo kind ..i don't want to bore you

So you can pick up a wish and make it true..

Choose wisely Santa…xD

"I know It's just only a dream ..so don't wake me up .." xD



08:24 PM Dec 15 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Hahaha!! You are so creative, BonBony! :D

I didnt get bired when I read your wishes, so I hope Santa dont either :D


LovelyFabian, I'm sure Santa will make your last dream come true :D 

01:50 AM Dec 16 2010 |



United States

Lovely Fabian:


Not at all, haha, I'm just covering my bases : ) I hope you have a merry Christmas.  I feel really honored that you see something admirable in me :) it makes me want to try harder to be worthy of it… I just submitted my second application for graduate school, so we will see if I can get there :)

06:26 AM Dec 16 2010 |