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one day my best friend called me to give her a hand saying she was in hospital and going through an operation which demanded she was companied by  at least one friend or family member.

I was there and she told me the operation was an  abortion.

As a friend I asked :"why not get married and keep the baby"

'I have got married,'

I have been seeing her as one of my best firends since college days and we have been keeping in touch but  she  didn't tell me about her marriage. I guess she didn't have a wedding ceremony but shouldn't she at least tell me when she got married? 

what do you think

06:24 PM Feb 01 2011 |

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Whitney S

Whitney S


Who knows the reasons why she didnt tell you? :S


11:40 PM Feb 01 2011 |




I don't know and  that is the reason why I feel so sad. I view her as my best firend. but know I doubt whether she look me as her best friend.

Now I think I am hesitate whether I should  eliminate her from my friends list. You know it is so hard.

Do you think I should tell her know I am dissatisfied with her which means I am considering to be friend with her if she gives me a good excuse.

If I keep silent which means I our friendship comes to an end.

or  maybe she didn't get married but feel shamed to tell me the truth?

04:10 AM Feb 02 2011 |




we live apart only 10- mintute ride and have been keeping in touch soif she got married  why she didn't tell me even without a calling. it is so   so   so so I don't know how to describe my present feeling. She lets me down!

04:14 AM Feb 02 2011 |