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Life Talk!

Beautiful day:)

Terra incognita


I wonder what is your perfect Valentine’s Day?!

03:49 PM Feb 10 2011 |

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Hello Terra, Do u have idea for Valentine`s Day ?

05:04 PM Feb 10 2011 |

Terra incognita


Hi:) i don’t have any yet. And you? It would be great to have an unforgettable day, wouldn’t it?

05:27 PM Feb 10 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


My Perfect Valentine day would be any day that allows me to share time with the people who I really love and care for. I would love to buy each one of them the presents they want and go to a restaurant with them and have a really good time :) 

06:13 AM Feb 11 2011 |




Hi boys and girls! I think Valentine day is not a good idea becaouse without this day we had to also love each other , but if i had to creat a plan for Valentine day, i would be on a beach and i would be with my sweetheart all day long. I did this if I could afford it:)

04:03 PM Feb 12 2011 |